Here at MMUK MAN, we get a lot of black gentlemen ask us how their routines and the cosmetic products they choose might be different.  In short guys, the answer is simple, they don't.  You can just as easily make the most of the likes of concealer and foundation, as well as bronzer, by simply choosing a darker shade, more appropriate to your skin tone.

Start off by using the colour N10 as a base, as this makeup tone is the most commonly used by black men.  The only difference however gents, is that products like tinted moisturiser and BB creams will become redundant, as these simply tend to work better and look more natural on lighter skin tones that are in need of brightening or a little tan.

By using a foundation and concealer combo, perhaps mixed with a translucent powder and makeup base, you're really able to make the most of MMUK MAN's products whilst maintaining maximum subtlety.

One area where things may differ are in the eye section, if you wish to deploy the likes of guyliner, manscara and brow gel.  As appose to choosing black, opt for a clear version of brow gel and mascara for men.  The clear formula will grip onto your already dark and sculpted lashes and will really give them a fancy shimmer.  Choose a brown eyeliner to add a little contrast to your eyes and step out the door qwith a fresh feeling this autumn.

The top three male makeup products for black men include; MMUK MAN's Foundation For Men in N10, the Under Eye Concealer in N95 and our MMUK MAN Manscara in Clear.  You can really push the boat out with a clear brow gel and Concealer Trio in Serious Colour if you like to give your darker skin instantl lift off.