So gentlemen, you have brought the ring, been given the green light from the future father in law and spent countless hours planning yourself and the wifey’s big day.  

Think you’re prepared?

With all the pressure firmly on the future Mrs Right to look good, you’re given a little room for maneuver when it comes to looking good on the big day.  After all, it is her big day! 

However, you certainly do not want to be walking down the aisle showcasing a huge pimple, facial redness, unhealthy looking skin or a host of other mens facial imperfections, do you?  

For this reason gents, Makeup For Men UK have derived a simple and easy to follow four step guide, designed to give you a grooming get out of jail free card for one day only.

Keep your cards firmly close to your chest as you take on board these cosmetic for men lifesavers, designed to leave you looking nothing but your very best, whilst guaranteeing not to steal her thunder.  

The key to successful mens makeup use on your wedding day guys is simple.  Subtlety!  Whilst receiving attention in all the right ways, especially from her, is paramount.  It’s crucial not to over step the mark and look like an extra out of Halloween when it comes to photo time.  After all, they certainly will not let you forget the potential horror show if you get your male makeup use wrong come the big show.  

So, you’re in your hotel room, tux ready, showered and cleaned up to the max, clambering onto your final few hours of bachelorhood.  Now it’s time to quickly get to grips with your four new best men, at least for the next five minutes or so that is.

Mens moisturiser, makeup base, foundation and a concealer for men were born for this moment.  A moment where you will look in the mirror and effortlessly glide away a wide array of facial imperfections, including, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

First off, apply a good quality mens moisturiser evenly onto clean skin and allow it to settle and soak in for around three minutes.  Moisturise and nourish your skin all day long, meaning when it is time for photos, the meal and the first dance, your skin will look as healthy and fresh as it does right now.  

Next, comes protection.  If you are going to capitalize on all that makeup for men has to offer on your wedding day, you certainly cannot allow your complexion to fold as the day draws into night.  Achieve all day long uninterrupted staying power by using a mens makeup base such as MMUK MANs Skin Primer For Men.

Apply this makeup for men base all over your skin and allow it settle for a further two minutes.

Five minutes in and it is now time to tackle those troublesome imperfections.  Using a mens foundation brush or makeup for men application sponge, gradually apply your foundation for men over your skin.  Making sure to reach every facial crevice, lightly coat your skin in this cosmetic for men masterpiece and take a giant step towards achieving expert mens cover up.

Once complete, you will drastically see the difference.  Providing you have not mistaken the male foundation for all manner of mens grooming products you may have crash loaded into your night bag the previous evening, you will be presented with an even skin tone upon looking in the mirror.

This male foundation also targets and removes the appearance of mild blemishes to provide you with a flawless and semi-perfect complexion.

When it comes to calling on the power of an expert concealer for men, no one does it quite like MMUK MANs Concealer Stick For Men.

Step 4 includes specifically targeting moderate facial imperfections and completely removing them for the big day.  Any facial imperfection such as; severe spots, moles or facial scars which are still lingering at this point are about to become non existent, thanks to the camouflaging ability of MMUK MAN.

Apply this mens concealer directly onto your facial imperfections and pat blend in using your very fingertip.  The ability of such a concealer to remain virtually undetectable means eyebrows will certainly not be raised when it comes to the big ‘I do’.

So gentlemen, from here on out, we’re going to pass you back over to the best man - who we bet did such a terrific job looking after you on the stag.  From here on out may we wish you a very happy marriage and remember to keep your goods safe, just in case your stranded in a bathroom emergency at some point in the future.