Bringing ‘Sexy’ Back with mmuk man.


As our team eagerly anticipate the launch of our very own brand of mens makeup ... ‘mmuk man’.  We decided to take the issue of mens makeup to the streets of three English cities to discover exactly what will motivate men into a little touch up and cover up here and there.   

We believe the primary outcome men wish to achieve in wearing disguys (concealer for men), guyliner and foundation for men amongst others is simple... sex appeal!  Discover real womens views on the topic on the tip of every mans tongue of discussion during man time.

So our team took to the streets to ask ladies, exactly what their opinions are on the topic gripping the male health and beauty (yes, I said beauty) world.  

In search of sexy ladies; our team headed off to uncover some incredible opinions on men wearing makeup, resulting in some extraordinary statistics we only wish every guy in Britain knew about.  Such statistics which would change most mens mind frame when it comes to how far he can push the boundaries of mens cosmetics and male grooming products.

Brighton was the first stop on our road trip to discover what women want when it comes to mens growing care towards their appearance...

Rebecca (23) says; ‘One of the first things i look for in a man is great skin; along with nice shoes and nice eyes.  I would certainly not be put off by men wearing makeup.  I think  the idea of men wearing makeup can be off putting to some girls, but they certainly wouldn’t mind the improvements it would make to mens skin, eyes and body.  Let’s face it, sex is sex and anything that will improve seduction and the ultimate act; girls like myself would accept and even encourage it’

Some very wise words from a young lady and a big thank you to Becky.  It wasn’t surprising the volume of ladies who shared similar beliefs to Becky; but, Lucy (25) shed a little more light on the issue and perhaps fused men and makeup together just that little bit more. ... She says,

‘I would love my man to wear makeup.  I love being a fashionable and attractive  couple and I love it when girls look at him.  It makes me feel good knowing he’s with me, so if makeup is the way forward for him then i’d certainly recommend mens makeup and tell him to stop borrowing mine.’

There you have it gentlemen,  Beautiful women want you to take on board these valuable opinions.  Sex appeal and male cosmetic use revolves around three things: Social status, sex and seduction.  

Dare we even say makeup for men is ... wait for it ... ‘fashionable’? 

After continuing our journey to London to see if consensus changes when it comes to the latest topic being given more and more attention during ‘man time’.  No longer are men discussing solely sport, women, sex and beer.  They’re taking on board male grooming products, articles and trends to boost their sex appeal, confidence and ultimately sex life.  

Jessica (28), put great importance on the subtlety of mens makeup use by saying; ‘I like the idea of men wearing makeup and have been exposed to brothers and guy-friends using it.  But, you need to know what you’re doing and it has to be discrete.  The pressure is growing on men to keep up with women when it comes to looking good but I don’t want a man that takes longer to get ready than men’ ...’If you’re going to wear makeup for men then keep it quick, not too much and cover up with concealers and foundation for men but only what you have to.

Thank you for that one Jess! ... So it seems a lot of women aren’t adverse or unexposed to the men in their life wearing makeup.  Leading us to one question, why you’re not clicking that buy men’s makeup button right now?

So what about the older man?  We consider you guys to be more cautious when it comes to buying mens makeup.  Quite frankly ... we don’t blame you!  You’re ultimately going to be susceptible to change.  For those still getting to grips with your average mens moisturiser or perhaps cleanser and toner; it’s a big step, but one mmuk man make you more than prepared for.

If you’re comfortable with your daily skin care regime then you may be interested in what Charlotte (34) from Newcastle says.

‘I like a man to be a man’  she says quite strictly ‘Unless it’s to cover up a scar, spot or big imperfection I wouldn’t go for it.  Women like a bit of ‘grrrrr’ in a man.  Rough and ready is sexy; too many cosmetics are just a turn off.  When it comes to moisturisers, they’re fine if it tackles aging.  However, men get better with age so mens moisturisers can slow this process to prolong their attractiveness.  Mens concealers would be welcomed and perhaps foundation here and there but guy liner and manscara?... Perhaps just too much for me.’

Some ruthless words from a women who like many, know what they want.  Now it’s time to open your ears to their hidden requests, needs and wants and use mens grooming products and makeup for men in the right ways to answer these calling cards.  

If this shift in male grooming and mens cosmetics is more than you asked for, then it’s time to quickly adapt and utilize these products and equip yourself with the tools to look like a 21st century man.  

Sit back and ask yourself the question ... What do women really want? ... and realize the importance of the answer ... ‘any excuse to get even closer.’

Mens Makeup UK is proud to launch mmuk man Britain’s first male only branded mens makeup.  Buy yours here now.