Earlier this week, we were contacted by Jonathan, a man in his late 50’s looking for some much needed advice on men’s grooming and more specifically men’s makeup. Despite what you may think, Jonathan is not alone, in the pure number of older men looking to look younger with the help of men’s cosmetics product. Looking and feeling a little tired, we put a blueprint in place for Jonathan to follow and if you feel you’re in a similar boat, the below advice could prove crucial in your skin’s resurgence. Remember guys, if you need help choosing your colour, we’re only an e-mail away. Here’s Jonathan’s concerns outlined and below, you’ll find out how we resolved them.


I was reviewing your website and plan to purchase some products (foundation, cc cream, etc.). I read that you offer a service of evaluating skin tone from a photo. I am an older man, 58 years, and completely new to using men's makeup, however, believe your products can of benefit for me. I would like your assistance in determining my skin tone. I've attached a recent photo (passport photo actually, thus the stiff look!). If you have any other product suggestions, based on my photo, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and assistance. Regards, Jonathan.

Good morning Michael,

I'm responding from Lucy's e-mail, as she has passed your request on to me.

I hope you are well and thank you very much for getting in touch with us. I can confirm that the colour N4 is the most appropriate colour on our MMUK MAN colour palette to match your skin tone. Most guys tend to start with a foundation and concealer and either a bronzer or anti shine powder, but if there is any more help you'd require picking your products please let me know and I'd be delighted to help.

After having a quick look at your photo, I believe you would benefit from a few different products that we have on offer. Firstly, I'd be interested to know what daily moisturiser you use? For mature skin there are a couple of amazing products out there that will smooth out your skin and help it appear naturally firmer, smoother and tighter. We don't sell them on this site, but I'd always be able to point you in the right direction. Jack Black’s Line Smoother Face Cream and their Protein Boost Skin Serum spring to mind and are very popular for men over 40.

In terms of makeup for men, here are my suggestions:

Apply MMUK MAN's Pro Finish Foundation across your face with the included application sponge, this swipes onto the skin really smoothly and looks really natural, as it begins to cover faint lines and even your skin tone. It will also give a firmer look to your skin and just provides your skin with a little unity. As you are new to makeup, a couple of practices may need to be done, but my best bit of advice would be to build your foundation a little bit at a time, almost like you'd apply more and more moisturiser to a dry complexion in the winter. For a gentleman like yourself, our Pro Finish Foundation is a very worthwhile addition to your routine, as it also minimizes the appearance of dark spots and facial creases that tend to develop over time. I personally love this foundation because it has good coverage that is buildable, but it still looks natural and lasts long into the day.

After you've applied it, you will still be able to see more defined wrinkles/lines, that's when our Concealer Pot comes in. Taking your Blending Brush and dabbing a little men’s concealer over specific imperfections, will cover them up completely and ultimately make you look healthier and fresher. You don't need to go overboard with the concealer, a couple of dabs and blend in will work it's magic. The best way I’d describe applying concealer is like applying a spot cream and you’ll find that it blends into the skin really nicely and just take the definition out of your tired looking skin, as it begins to cover up. Play close attention to lines around the mouth and frown lines and with a combination of cover up from your foundation and this concealer, you’ll be rolling back the years in no time.

As for under the eyes, our Concealer Pen is a great option. It can be simply dabbed onto the under eye area and eye lid to really brighten them up and in the process disguising fine lines around the outer eye and generally tired looking eyes. This concealer is a pen style, so a couple of clicks of the base and just enough concealer is dispersed onto the brush applicator, ready to apply.

To finish, an anti-shine powder never goes a miss. Anti-Shine Powder essentially sets your makeup all day, makes sure it doesn't look cakey or too feminine and most importantly, ensures that it looks natural. I'd recommend MYEGO's Anti Shine Powder for your first try and if you like it, invest in MMUK MAN's version further down the line. This anti shine powder comes with an applicator too, that makes it really easy to dab just the right amount across your face, particularly the t-zone.

I know it might seem like a lot to take in, but a couple of practices and you'll be soon looking great and as always, I'm here should you need any further advice on a day to day basis, whilst you learn. I've put the links below for you of my recommended products and a couple of brushes that are really long lasting. If you'd like advice on the skin care aspect of it too, let me know, because I could talk for days.

Have a fantastic day. Alex @ MMUK MAN