Men In Office

The most common places men wear makeup are at photo shoots, on stage, and at work.  Whilst you can achieve great looks for such occasions with the use of male makeup, it is important to get the balance just right, as the artificial conditions your skin is placed under will be the first thing to blow your cover when it comes to looking good.


In today’s men’s makeup blog, we’ll be teaching you just how to look good during your hours of most need with some handy tips on how to master all manner of male cosmetics for a completely natural look.  Whether you’d like to use a foundation for men to even skin tone, a concealer, for those specific male imperfections, or even guyliner.  It is important to know that you can make the most of them without having to put your masculinity on the line.


So, without further ado, let’s get down to it as we run the rule over the top five tips for men wearing makeup under artificial light.


Firstly, it’s crucial to get your makeup for men colour just right.  With a slight miss-match of coloured makeup to your skin’s tone, you will inevitably lose subtlety.  In ordinary day to day life, this may not be the case as your skin’s pigments utilize natural light refraction, whereas under artificial light, you do not get such a comfort blanket.


Secondly, there is method in the madness of our next expert male cosmetics tip for such occasions.  Apply your makeup under the same conditions as you will be showcasing it. i.e under artificial conditions.  Doing so, may seem strange, but with a turn on of the bathroom light and a close of the blind, you will really see how your application is going, and subsequently be able to quickly reverse, should you make a wrong move.


Maintain your subtlety by using the most appropriate male makeup accessories, such as brushes and sponges.  Particularly in the application of mens bronzer, foundation and concealer, using a blending or foundation brush for example, ensures the most even and accurate application.  Artificial light will bounce off ever sub-perennial layer of your skin, meaning, if you male makeup isn’t even, it’s not just you who will know about it.  Take on board the appropriate accessories and you will be laughing until the preverbal cows come home.


Penultimately gents, never underestimate the power of a good mens makeup base, sometimes called a skin primer.  Whilst, in terms of coverage, offering very little, for a skin boosting surface, a good quality primer is simply unrivaled.  Ideal at smoothing your skin, and creating the most even canvas before the application of your cosmetics, a makeup for men base ensures bumps, patches and uneven skin is nullified when it comes to work or taking centre stage.


Finally, it’s very much little by little when it comes to physically applying your product.  Do it slowly and patiently to achieve maximum subtlety.  It’s easy to add more and more to cover certain imperfections.  However, the reverse is impassible without starting all over again.  Practice a couple of times before the big day or night just to get a feel of how much exactly is required to achieve a very manly and natural coverage.


So fellas, with our five handy and expert makeup for men tips, derived from the experts here at MMUK MAN, you too can shine for all the right reasons when it comes to putting your best face forward on a daily or one off occasion.  Stick to the same series of men’s makeup for complete fluency and your look, confidence and skin will very much thank you for it.