The latest male makeup newcomer has arrived on the market and it’s certainly no slouch in the cosmetic charts this spring: namely; Nail polish for men, mens nail varnish or my personal favourite ‘male polish.’

Heard of it?...The truth is, no matter how you say it or perceive it; more and more fellas are using male polish as the latest grooming and fashion accessory.  

The time has come for the biggest players in the male cosmetic industry to speak up, stop the mumbling and justify why men are, and should contemplate applying such an ‘out-there’ male makeup product.  Although not your typical ‘makeup for men’ product it’s certainly within that realm and it’s causing more raised eyebrows than ever before amongst our male contingent. 

Let me clear the air!  It’s not completely unheard of for men to wear this kind of makeup.  From rock star Ozzy Osbourne to Royalty in the form of Prince Harry and everyone in between including the likes of David Beckham have been spotted in the past showcasing such a product.   

But what’s put the spotlight back on this latest male cosmetic buzz?  In the past two weeks’ Film producer Cash Warren (husband of Jessica Alba), Johnny Depp and Seal have all been papped sporting ‘male polish’.

Notice how we’ve quoted ‘male polish’?  The simple fact is that if it’s growing popularity continues; this term will be as acceptable in society as it’s sister term ‘nail polish’

Although your initial thoughts may reside with mens nail polish being a purely ‘homosexual thing’ the starts seen accessorizing with male polish certainly don’t justify this.  Men gay or straight, black or white, contemporary or rocker are all dabbling with this form of makeup in their day to day life and on nights out.

The fact is, in the same way you would use accessories to compliment your appearance or create a whole new one; male polish does exactly the same.  Now seen as a cheaper alternative to a £30 t-shirt or £100 pair of sunglasses. every man can now transform a look on a night out for around the £4 to £15 price range.  Accessorizing for men with this makeup product has never been more fun. 

Available in a multitude of shades from male polish brands such as BB, alpha nail and w7:  It seems that not just the subtle shades are in the limelight with shades such as bullfighter, golf pro and Coal Miner (all specifically designed for men) are now on offer to give your look and appearance that extra buzz.  

Ask yourself the question.

If Sexy and man don’t go together; why is everybody on this latest mens cosmetics newbie?  It’s no longer a ‘girly’ or ‘gay’ thing.  Real men are queueing and applying to stay trendy.  Also, included in their shopping basket... Foundation, concealer and guyliner. announced on February 13th 2012 male polish brands BB and w7 will go on sale on March 1st in the United Kingdom to allow men to keep up with the latest male cosmetic trend exploding across the Atlantic.