There has been a recent trend in the number of large cosmetic brands calling upon the marketing pull of some of Instagram and YouTube's biggest male beauty stars, dubbed 'The Beauty Boys', in order to catch the attention of their huge follower networks. Last week, L'Oreal announced that Jake-Jamie Ward, creator of the phenomenal MakeupIsGenderless Instagram campaign would be joining their ranks, as one of the main faces behind their national 'Got It Covered' campaig and latest line of unisex products.

Across the pond, Maybelline announced in January that YouTube sensation Manny Guiterrez would become their new global ambassador for all things male beauty, whilst James Charles became CoverGirl's first ever CoverBoy in October of 2016, after acquiring a truly mammoth amount of followers across his social media platforms. Another ambassador, this time for MAC Cosmetics, Gabriel Zamora, who has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, is helping to change the plate tectonics of male grooming forever, by proving that makeup is no longer just for women.

From my extensive research into the Beauty Boy phenomenon, it's clear to see that all of these young guys set out on their cosmetic journey's with one thing in common, to improve their appearance. Gabriel Zamora searched high and low for a product that would accentuate his eyes, whilst Jake-Jamie Ward began using cosmetics to cover up confidence crippling acne during his teens. It was a similar situation that the co-founder of Britain's number one makeup for men brand MMUK MAN found himself in, which eventually lead to the brand's creation. Jake-Jamie and these gentlemen alike have, quite rightly, adopted the opinion that men wearing makeup is far from a closed book these days.

Why shouldn't guys embrace the power of makeup to cover up the likes of spots, acne scars and blemishes? That's the question posed by these rising stars of social media and more men than ever before are quickly joining their corner.

Jake-Jamie Ward says 'One day future generations can grow up in a world where makeup can be enjoyed by all sexes, without question or judgement.' His entire ethos and persona is geared towards making men feel completely comfortable with wearing cosmetics, something that he couldn't enjoy during his early days of makeup use. Jake's devotion to encouraging every guy out there to wear the likes of concealer, foundation and bronzer is clear for all to see in his in-depth and hugely informative online tutorials.

Lewys Ball, who featured recently in Rimmel London's beauty campaign, backs up Jake's comments, by saying 'The world we live in now is much more accepting to individuality, people are now encourage to be whoever they want to be and that's really positive'. So, with these breakdown of social barriers and growing acceptance towards men wearing makeup, how many guys out there are already on a pathway to using male makeup products, perhaps without even knowing it?

It was reported in early February by the Financial Times that the male grooming industry is soon to hit the $50bn per year mark, as more guys than ever before discover how far just a little touch up can take them. The percentage contributed by the makeup industry within this booming market is currently estimated to be about 20% and quickly on the rise, meaning the male makeup buzz shows no signs of quietening any time soon. By following five of the biggest beauty boys right now on the planet, you're certainly able to learn a thing or two on concealing, contouring and creating a champion look.