Step out the shower and take a look at the old you for the very last time, because fellas, it’s time to join the vastly growing number of men casually slipping mens bb cream into their stringent grooming regimes.  This new ‘makeup without makeup’ for men show stopper has in no uncertain terms exploded onto the male cosmetic market in recent months.  With their captivating and phenomenal benefits, there is little surprise online bb creams for men stores are struggling to keep up with demand for these male cosmetic game changers.

Male BB creams mean nothing but business.  Skin improvement in some case studies held by expert male grooming bloggers have been described as ‘remarkable’ and ‘incredible’.  Fortunately for you gentlemen, you don’t have to go trolling through men’s bb cream reviews to find similar comments, because thousands of men out there are already using, appreciating and screaming about them.  

Men’s Health magazine in early 2012 listed the three most popular mens bb creams in the UK, these are as follows: Missha’s Urban Soul Mens BB Cream, Skin 79’s l’homme BB cream, and Christian Gio’s Designer Male BB cream.  All of which are now exclusively available courtesy of Mens Makeup UK.

What’s all the fuss about?

The truth is; us gentlemen lead busy and hectic lifestyles.  In our continuous pursuit of perfection; men sometimes simply do not have the time or knowledge to apply other mens makeup products such as; male foundation and concealers for men.  Welcome BB creams to the mens makeup spotlight!  

You’ve got two minutes... GO!

These, like the before mentioned products, cover up mild to moderate imperfections for example; blemishes, spots and wrinkles just as expertly.  Applied in the same way you would a men’s moisturiser they will certainly have you wanting nothing but more.  However, this is only the beginning sir’s, there’s plenty left in male BB cream’s lockers to make you want to get your hands on these remarkable series of male cosmetics.  The question is:  Are you ready to take it like a man?

So, what’s next? 

The care component:  Not only do mens BB creams cover, but they also care.  Combining, covering agents and moisturising complex’s in one, they hydrate, moisturise and soften the skin, propelling it’s feel and comfort to a whole new world of luxury.  Achieve an optimum supple and smooth feel within eight days on average and enjoy the amazing turnaround in your skins’ performance and condition.  In fact, we believe, you’ll wonder how you eve lived without this collection of exclusive cosmetic wingmen in your life.

We’re not finished yet.

Element three of these expert mens bb creams are correcting properties, which all bb creams for men contain.  Such properties target imperfections such as whiteheads, dry skin and spots and intensely break them down.  Meaning within 7-14 days of use, such imperfections appear minimised and in most cases banished.  

We’re not quite finished there gents, because on top of the three before mentioned benefits there’s a couple of hidden makeup for men gems to get you that little bit more excited.

BB creams for men clarify pores by stimulating skin pigments; giving the appearance of a more even skin tone.  Turn scaly, rough and patch areas of discontent into endless planes of smoothness with the aid of male bb creams.

Finally, mens blemish balms control the skins’ level of oil secretion; guaranteeing pores do not become clogged and swollen; a common cause of the appearance of imperfections.

The ‘five c’s’ are all you need as us men certainly need all the help we can get in the bathroom department.  Cover, care, correct, clarify and control with our expert range of men’s bb creams.  So, if you’re hitting the club with ‘Urban Soul’ (£29), in the office with ‘Skin 79’s l’homme’ (£24) or achieving ultimate perfection, whatever the occasion with BRTC’s bb cream for men (£39).  There’s a wingman out there for you and he’s now just around the corner.  

Don’t keep your skin locked up, allow these blemish balms for men to light your way into the 21st century and become an ultimate modern man with the help of Mens Makeup UK.  

It’s simple!  Makeup before you break up.