Of the many gentlemen who contact us with their various skin issues, there's one or two that seem to stand out heavily amongst the rest, with one of them being dark circles. Panda eyes, ghost eyes or hollow eyes, however way it's put, guys rightly see us as a make or break last resort, taking one final leap of faith towards the world of men’s makeup, to rid their skin once and for all.

Despite there being various eye creams, roll-on’s and 'treatments' out there that claim to rid your face of dark circles, in reality, their effects really only offer slight improvements. This could be due to many reasons: A Lack of sleep, your diet and stress levels, all play their part in downgrading your complexion in this vital area. Dark circle eruption can also be linked to hereditary conditions also, often leaving sufferers way down the pecking order in terms of confidence.

Whilst we don't recommend clearing out your eye cream collection all together, we do recommend deploying a men's dark circle concealer to bulk up your bathroom armoury, as you bid to kick them to the curb once and for all. Concealer for men, as appose to creams include brightening, covering and reflecting properties, that really work their magic in camouflaging dark circles. Depending entirely on your choice of course, the simple fact remains guys that often with a little dab and blend in to your affected areas, you can give your skin an immediate boost and finally say farewell to those confidence crippling blighters.

In today's men's makeup blog, we'd like to introduce you to five different dark circle concealer’s for men, in the hope of shining your pathway to a brand new and revitalized look.

Let's start with Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat. An iconic product, this luxury concealer comes in the form of a pen and once applied, illuminates the entire area with brightening particles, essentially nullifying dark circles appearance all day long. Easy to apply and coming in four shades, it’s easy to find what one’s for you, with Shade 01 being a popular choice amongst our clients. Lightly textured and great at hiding eye bags too, isn’t it about time you went pro?

Next, and W7 Light Diffusing men's concealer works off the same premise, however, due to its lower quality, has less longevity in wear than the amazing Touche Eclat. At just five-pounds, this dark circle cover up product is often used by guys learning the makeup for men ropes, before going onto more advanced products.

Calvin Klein have also got in on the act with their Endless Light concealer for men. Again, coming in a click-pen format, a lot of gents like this product for its complete ease of application and long lasting power. Calvin Klein showcase a great range of men's makeup, with this being the corner stone product of their blockbuster range. Stylish and compact, this dark circle remover for men certainly knows how to get the job done.

Myego's Cover Select concealer comes in second with one universal colour tone designed to match most skin colours being an advantage for guys who aren’t quite sure of their tone. It's re-launch in 2015 will see an upgrade to the original formula, that won countless grooming awards for its luxuriousness and expertise in the men's cosmetics world. Again coming in a click pen format, this product not only looks the part but contains a liquid base to blur out dark circles and other facial blemishes in the most natural and unobvious of ways.

Finally, it wouldn't be right to cap off our piece without mentioning MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer. Our number one cover up product, this cream based formula lasts all day long, looks completely natural and comes in a variety of colours to get the match to your skin just right. It's high performance formula is packed with vitamins to support the long term regeneration of your under eye area and in one quick sweep, counteracts the visual effects of tiredness, stress and ill health. Voted our number one concealer for men in 2014, add this little gem to your wash bag and finally say au revoir to those struggling peepers.

So gentlemen, unlock your pathway to better looking skin with our ultimate guide on how to conceal dark circles and reveal fresh and revitalized skin. A lot of guys opt to combine one of these concealing products with the world class and highly sought after Polaar Icy Magic Eye Roll On, an energizing eye treatment regularly claimed to be the very best.