Handsome ManA short while ago MMUK MAN launched our very own range of eye makeup for men products.  Included in this range was our hugely popular brow gel for men.  Believing it to be not quite as popular as some of the other men’s makeup products included in the launch, it is fair to say that even the experts sometimes get it wrong, as this product continues to fly off the shelves.  The reaction by makeup for men lovers to our luxury brow gel has been quite staggering as this product, which comes in three incredibly masculine shades, continues to dramatically improve the appearance of men also.


In today’s male makeup blog, we’d like to provide you with a masterclass in the world of men’s brow gel and teach you some handy tricks when it comes to taming your unruly adolescent brows.  The truth is gents, just a quick and simple application of brow gel can work wonders to improving your overall look, regardless of whether you choose to wear other male cosmetics.


How to Apply Men’s Brow Gel

MMUK MAN’s brow gel (and many others in this mens cosmetic category) comes with an internal applicator, which makes getting to grips with gel completely fuss free.  Gently rest the application brush at the root of your brows at timely intervals and slowly work the product out to the tip.  The trick to get application of brow gel just right, is to not over do it.  Little and often along your brow will mean you’re not left looking like an action man come the end of your grooming routine .  Repeat this process two or three times across the full width of your brow to achieve a completely natural male makeup look.

Where most guys choose to trim or pluck brows, in order to define some kind of masculine shape, the key to real success is in fact brow gel.  At the end of your quick application it is also possible to sweep your hairs outwards for a cleaner and fresher look.  Knowing that the product will not look over the top, gives gentlemen a huge confidence boost in their decision to employ such an up and coming grooming powerhouse.

Some other key tips when it comes to general male eyebrow grooming include:  Not shaving between eye brows, as hair follicles tend to grow back darker and ultimately more defined.  Stick to plucking at this section without risk of turning them into one giant caterpillar.  Remember also to keep your eyebrows in their natural position if you insist on regular plucking.  Creating too larger gap and offsetting them too wide, will make your overall face look wider, as well as your eyes themselves - something which doesn’t make it up their on your grooming hit list.

Remember to trim longer hairs, but don’t go over the top, doing so can inevitably make men’s brows look patchy.  Also, don’t create the dreaded arch, this is strictly for women and as much as you can manage makeup for men, plucking such an arch in your brow will get not just your own eyebrows raised - excuse the pun.  Finally, manage grey hairs either by plucking or using a tint (also included in MMUK MAN’s brow gel).  Doing so will knock years off your age and make sure eyes are not drawn upon you for all the wrong reasons.