Here at Mens Makeup UK we’ve searched high and low for a full comprehensive mens cosmetic and beauty routine on exactly how to apply makeup for men.  

It’s simply not out there gentlemen!  

We called in two of our expert mens makeup artists to see if they can give us a little helping hand, shed some light into what makeup best suits different mens skin types and what mens makeup to buy if you’re thinking of trying it out.  If you’re a pro in the mens makeup stakes we’re still sure you’ll find these hints and tips useful in your ever growing quest to look flawless and achieve perfection

From brushes to bronzers and from guyliner to disguys we’ve got the tools which will allow you to apply your trade.  This mens makeup routine is not too over the top yet flawless and is perfect in preparation for a night out, dinner date or important day in the office.  We demand masculinity from the products in which we sell and this mens makeup beauty regime will go along way in helping you achieve perfect redefined skin.

So the story goes...


Step 1 - Protect and Build from the Base

Before you even begin applying mens makeup it’s crucial to get  the perfect base formulated.  Apply a touch of mens moisturiser and be sure to rub it into your face thoroughly making sure you reach all the nooks and crannies.  This will ensure we’re not left with a unnatural glow and fake appearance as well as retain masculinity.  If you suffer from quite oily skin remember to use a lighter mens moisturiser as this will counteract your skins oily nature and ensure your face doesn’t glow after using your mens makeup products. 


Step 2 - Men’s Foundation

Today we’re going to be using mmuk man’s pump action liquid foundation.  It’s a little bit darker than our models skin colour but this is a great technique to really bring out your skins colour.  As a general rule you can go 1 to 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone and this will ensure your mens makeup goes unnoticed yet still stands you out in the crowd because of your newly found flawless look.  If you’re unsure of what skin tone you are, use our man-palette to help you discover exactly what tone is right for you.

Put on your mens foundation in exactly the same way you would put on your daily moisturiser.  Rub slightly into your fingertips and rub into your face, neck, eye lids and hair line.  This will ensure you get a perfect blend and your makeup for men will look even more natural.  This mens makeup foundation is a light coverage foundation which will certainly benefit you guys out there due to it’s subtlety.  

You can just as easily apply using a mens foundation brush as well as your fingers but we would not recommend a makeup sponge as you might find it soaking up all of the product before it is applied to your face.  Also, it may result in your foundation becoming patchy which is certainly a look we’re not striving for fellas.

We would recommend using your fingers to apply your mens makeup because the heat from your fingers will encourage your skin cells to take in the makeup ensuring you’re not left with that dreaded fake, washed out look.  Rather than your mens foundation sitting on the surface of your skin your fingers help it to become that little bit more engrained.

Be sure to rub all of your product through your facial hair as if this is not done sufficiently the product can get trapped above the surface and really make you stand out in all the wrong ways.  Rub in against the grain of your hair for a while and you’ll certainly avoid this common mens makeup faux par.  

Step 3 - Concealer for Men at Its’ best.

It’s time now to really target the parts of your face you’re not happy with.  Imperfections such as acne scars, spots and blemishes can be easily wiped away if you know how to.  Using a full coverage mens foundation or concealer stick and a dome headed mens makeup brush or an inbuilt wand you can really get the right results.  Remember, not to use too much because a little bit of makeup for men goes a long way.

Using a nylon fibre brush or application wand and having a thicker cream based mens foundation or concealer you can really sheer the product out and blend it in using such tools.  

Apply just enough onto your brush and go to work on any imperfection you wish to cover up.  Concentrating on your t-zone and eye lids also all help; be sure to run the brush anywhere in which you are not happy with.  The brush or wand will do the trick and really take away this products opaque nature as well as buff the mens makeup into your skin.  We’re using Calvin Klein’s Mens Concealer today but wewould also recommend YSL’s Touche Eclat for men or Taxi Man’s Disguys Concealer.  

Step 4 - Mens Highlight and Contouring

Now it’s time to contour the skin a little bit more and give your face that little bit more structure.  It’s important for a guy not just to slap on a load of mens makeup and have a completely flawless and all blending into one look. This can do you no favors.  the below makeup application tips for men will show you how to give certain parts of your face that chiseled, masculine look we’re all searching for.  

To do this; we recommend an light ash coloured brown mens eye shadow.  Although we wont be using this specifically on the eye area, our mens makeup experts encourage this product to be used in this way to achieve excellent contouring and really bring your faces bone structure to life.  We also recommend using a slightly angular mens contouring brush for the best results in this process.

Apply the mens eye shadow to the brush remembering less is more and apply the product underneath each cheekbone using a back and forth motion.  By adding this mens makeup to the hollows of your cheeks you are able to create a shadow effect in this area really adding to your unrelenting machismo.  This really breaks up the face and is a great makeup for men tip.  Also, using the same motion add the mens eye shadow to your temples and work the product into the edge of your face going into your hair line.  This will subtly blend each individual product and ensure that there’s no drop off point.  You’re whole head will look flawless and you will avoid that ‘cakey’ overwhelming look.  Another expert trick of the trade brought to you by Mens Makeup UK.

Finally when it comes to contouring for men; you can add the very same eye shadow for men underneath your jaw line.  This really redefines your area and is a great trick if you’re not naturally blessed with a distinct jaw line.  Shading underneath with a darker tone really lifts your face and will really enhance the look of this area or create the illusion of a brand new very strong jaw line.

Step 5 - Simply...How to apply mens eye makeup.

In this section we’ll demonstrate and describe exactly which products, tools and techniques to use if you’re looking to enhance your eyes look; which is perfect if they’re looking wrinkled, tired or dark circles are letting you down.

Use a good quality mens eye shadow with a brown/grey ash coloured mens eye shadow also used at the contouring stage.  Such a coloured product really promotes masculinity, subtlety and confidence when wearing makeup for men.  

Now’s not the time to wear black eye shadow giving you that ‘panda eyes’ look, we’re better than that gentlemen; and here’s how we do it.. 

Apply the shadow to a small mens makeup blending brush, close your eyes and use a back and forth motion across the top of your eye lids to really make this area stand out in all the right ways.  Add to the crease at the top of your eye lid and sculpt the natural shape of your eye by also working the brush underneath your eyes bridge remembering not to add too much and to avoid the eye lid itself.

Use the same brush or preferably a pencil point small mens makeup brush and apply a little bit of the same mens eye shadow around the underneath of the eye.  This really smokes out your eye expertly and really makes them stand out and ties every bit of your mens eye makeup together.  Once you’ve framed your eyes in this way your overall eye look will look fantastic.  Remember, if it’s your first time use small amounts and really build up your application amounts until you get a look which you’re really happy with.


Step 6 - Get to grips with the brows.

Using a flat headed mens makeup brush and a same coloured mens eye shadow work some of the product into your brows in an outwards direction adding length to them if you wish.  This is a perfect tip if you’re eyebrows are thinner and sometimes lost on your face.  Such a technique really brings your eyebrows to life.  Alternatively, you can use a mens brow gel which is another perfect makeup for men product if you’re looking to really control and redefine your eye brow.

Another tip if you’ve suffer with unruly brows is to take a standard tooth brush and work through the brows outwards and with the use of some ordinary hair gel, hair spray or preferably brow gel, really hold them in place and make sure this area isn’t the only area which defines your look.  Mens eye makeup needn’t stop at the bridge.


Step 7 - Bronze if you wish.

Now we’ve applied all types of makeup for men; foundations, concealers, brow gel, eye shadow and we’ve contoured:  If you wish to add a natural sun kissed look to your skin we recommend using a bronzer.  A bronzer boosts that natural look in some great ways and ads to your sex appeal by enhancing your chiseled, sun tanned look.

Take a mineral powder.or bronzing powder for men which doesn’t contain any glitter or sparkle; because let’s face it guys, this is a complete no no for the look we’re trying to achieve.  

Take a larger makeup brush for men and apply the pressed powder above your cheekbones and over your nose and add a light dusting to your eye lids, forehead and chin.  Use a pressing technique rather than dragging the product onto your face which will boost it’s subtlety.  

By adding a little colour down your neckline and to your ears it really blends all of your mens makeup with the rest of your body making the fact that your wearing it go virtually unnoticed.  


Step 8 - Guyliner and Manscara 

Take a tinted brow gel or brown manscara and apply a small amount to the roots of your lashes, ensuring you apply to each lash.  Work the brush through your lashes and blink out the product whilst applying.  Take your time and bring the brush to the full front of your eye lashes and allow this mens eye makeup technique to do it’s business and really make your eyes stand out.  

take a little guyliner and work it to the very underneath of your eye ensuring it’s even and not clumpy.  Any great guyliner will be fine and this really alleviates your eyes and transforms them from dull lifeless areas to striking, enriched and subtle masterpieces.


Step 10 - Don’t Forget the Lips

Finally, apply some lip balm to your lips especially during winter time and the height of summer to keep them hydrated which are a perfect makeup to ensure they do not become cracked and unattractive.  


So there you have it gentlemen.  A step by step mens makeup application guide which every man will be able to follow quickly, easily and hassle free.  Makeup for men need not be daunting and fantastic unrelenting manly looks need not be unattainable.  Use the right products in the right place, day in day out and with the tricks and tools of the trade you can achieve the same look as the professionals.  A quick and easy guide to your mens makeup application solutions brought to you by Mens Makeup UK.