I stand here looking at my father about to apply some mens makeup.  This is the man who six weeks ago ridiculed me for being involved in selling and writing about ...foundation, concealer and eye liner for men.  

A muscular, masculine firemen, who certainly doesn’t come up short in the man stakes.  A ladies man who a short time ago branded ‘mens makeup’...‘gay’.

Now look at him!

Because, no matter what gentlemen banter has to say about mens makeup and grooming; and no matter what negative phrases would be thrown about during man time.  Us men are all on a covert mission to look our best every day.  No longer would you be greeted with a frown at the revelation of manscara, guyliner or disguys (concealer for men) being present in your wash bag.  

It started with the Gerard Butler’s advertising grooming products with masculine phrases like ‘anti-fatigue’,‘vita-lift’ and my personal favorite ‘look sharp, enough said.’  All of these are being thrown around the world for men to hear and internalise.

And guess what? ... We’re all listening.

The question is, where will it end?

If guys like this man continue to put on foundation, concealers and other forms of mens makeup, it would appear as though a whole new world of male grooming is fast approaching, namely...makeup for men. 

Each and every man out there can now use mens makeup as their ally in there behind closed doors bathroom operations.  Put simply, we need to keep up with women and we need to stay attractive, sexy and approachable in their eyes! 

let’s face it, if mens make-up allows us to do this, then why be cautious and worried about using it?

I decided to follow this firemen’s bathroom routine to see just how far your average ‘uber-straight’ man would go to look his best.

Morning Regime 


consisting of shampooing, a full body wash and an individual face wash...pretty standard!

Fireman’s Quote

‘I used to end my regime here, thinking I was ready for the day, but now I just don’t feel right at this stage and know there’s still work to be done’...’’A shower and a spray of deodorant isn’t enough for me now’


Post Shower

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising (consisting of Clarins Men Cleanser and Toner and a good quality Calvin Klein moisturiser)  

Firemen’s Quote

‘Cleanser’s and Toners’ refresh my skin, make it feel tighter, in a good way and smooths my skin.  I Instantly feel cleaner after the removal of the toner and I feel well moisturised after using CK’s tinted moisturiser for men.


Age Fighting

He uses L’Oreal’s circle eye eraser and Hydra Energetic eye roll on.  Perfect for revitalising your contours and making you look younger.

Fireman’s Quote

These two go together perfectly, after I apply the eraser I instantly see an improvement in the appearance of my eye bags.  My dark circles are removed and I look like i’ve slept for days and not worked for years.’  The roll-on is perfect, it makes my eye area tingle and it makes them instantly refreshed.’


The Final touch - A spot of Calvin Klein’s Men’s Concealer followed by two small finger tips worth of a foundation product for men from mmuk man.

Fireman’s Quote

‘A perfect product to cover up my wrinkles and the odd blemish.’  ‘I’d recommend this concealer to any man out there.  Some of the guys at the station love it’  ‘A couple of squirts of the foundation into the hand and after I rub it in for a while my skin looks brilliant.  ‘The best part is that you can’t tell I’m wearing mens makeup’


If this becomes your average tough mans bathroom cosmetic and makeup schedule, then the future of grooming is nearly upon us.  Men and makeup are no longer words tossed around the world to take advantage of those that would ‘normally’ wear it.

They are terms swiftly fusing together to redefine manhood and make sure men across the globe look good, yet maintain masculinity.  We all want to look great and if this helps then what’s the difference between mens makeup and shaving, a haircut or a gym membership?

Enough Said...