The party season is fast approaching gentlemen, evening’s and weekends of festive occasions, which you inevitably want to look your best for will be high on your agenda.  However, your social appetite and animal instinct can have it’s drawbacks.  Long nights, alcohol, fast foods and many other factors come into play when it comes to your facial appearance throughout this time of year.

 - dry imperfect skin sound familiar?..No. How about eye bags and blemishes?...

Are you starting to get the picture?  Because it’s time to face the music, understand the facts, and implement the solutions you need to maintain your masculinity and a nourished complexion.  Allow us to get you to pole position this winter ensuring you don’t fade into the background and making the women or the soon to be women in your life impressed and seduced.

Now think, really one end of the scale is your desire to have a good time throughout the holiday season, bringing it’s own effects on your skins condition; not to mention the harmful effects our cold winter is having on your skin right about now.  

To step out that door unprotected is a crime gents!

So how can we stop it and rebalance these scales? You may say.  It’s vital we look our best at this time of year and here’s how you can do it...

Fortunately, it’s easy.  Easier than drinking eight pints of water a day.  Easier than grueling workouts in the gym.  And easier than making sure you get your recommended eight hours sleep a night.  Because let’s face it; Christmas time is when these regimes can begin to fail and go completely off your radar.

Put yourself back on the social radar and take action with a carefully selected  group of male cosmetics.  From cleansers to foundations and everything in between.  These are us fellas tools’ to look astonishing and in the game.

Here’s another reason to consider a whole new world of male grooming.

 - If you’re happily married or with a partner, you can have a deserved breather for the next 15 seconds but if you’re not then take note -

One study shows that single women are 5.6 to 6.1 (depending on their age) times more eager to find a partner during the period 3rd December to 4th January.  Their innate mechanisms take over at an uncontrollable rate meaning they are ‘hunting’ for guys during the holiday campaign over 3 times as much as men; who consistently reside around the 1.8 mark over the usual women's index of 1 outside of this period.  

In simple terms, men are on the a search to attract partners 1.8 times more than women from the period 5th January to 2nd December. But, when this window of opportunity arrives a women’s desire for affection, love and their interest in men is over 3 times more that the average man.

You do the maths, I don’t think you need a calculator right now gents.  This information should be treasured, respected and capitalized on by every single man out there.

...Married and homogenous men we welcome you back in the room...

So how exactly do we capitalise on this valuable piece of information?  It’s simple, by looking your best.  We can’t help in other areas of the laws of attraction but we can help with one; and that is your appearance.  

Intrigued?... Read on for our step by step makeup routine designed for the everyday man.

Step 1: Back to Basics,

Once you’ve stepped out the bath or shower your regime starts now.  Dry your skin a good amount being sure not to take every ounce of moisture out of it with your towel.  Then, use a good quality cleanser and toner duo.  Cleansers purify and enrich your skin with goodness, whilst cleaning pores deep within, which an ordinary wash doesn’t have the capacity to do.  Afterwards, use a corresponding toner to clear any impurity and cleansing milk residue.  Toners also restore your skins PH balance to a correct level ensuring oily and greasy skin will be a thing of your past. 

Step 2: Protect,

The use of a good moisturiser is crucial all year round.  Damaging winters and blistering summers all play their part on your skins condition.  Moisturisers’ provide a protective, nourishing and soothing layer to your skin which fight against wrinkles, eye bags and blemishes.  Don’t use too much.  Any good quality moisturiser will do their job with a couple of finger tips worth of product.  Rub in evenly and allow to settle being careful around the eye area.  The higher quality moisturisers’ will embed themselves deep within your skin quickly leaving your fingers almost instantly dry.  

Step 3: Choose Your Target

This is the part where mens makeup will redefine who you are and who you can be with your new found confidence.  Use a concealer to apply a very small amount on the areas of your skin which are most in need of improving.  These can be blemishes, scars, spots, blackheads or even just dry skin.  Dab a little on the area and use your very finger tips to lightly camouflage the area.  Concealers specialise in covering up such problem areas expertly and is the first makeup product for men which you’ll want to have in your wash bag for years to come.

Step 4: Close the deal.

Use our exclusive palette to best match your skin tone and apply 4 spots of foundation.  One to the forehead, one on each cheek and a final one on your chin.  Remember less is more.  A good quality foundation will promote even coverage.  Rub each area in separately covering all areas of your face without neglecting areas such as the nose and under eyes.  We recommend 25 second of application to promote an even coverage, after allow to settle.  

And there you have it fellas.  Our most popular male makeup routine built with you in mind.  Take note, print this of if you have to and within a week it’ll become second nature.  If you want to go one step further then read our blog on eye makeup for men which can be translated into step 5.  Simple, quick and expert makeup is now available for men and once mastered this routine shouldn’t take any longer than 3-4 minutes.

From here on out your on your own.  From all of us here at  Merry Christmas and  a Flawless new year.