Good quality skin care should start long before you apply your male cosmetic products. Over the years, we've looked at how you can change your diet and lifestyle in order to improve the condition of your skin. In this week's male makeup blog, we'll be focusing on one area of skin care in particular to enhance both your skin's natural performance and the effectiveness of your makeup products, namely night cream.

Coinciding with the launch of MMUK MAN's brand new Night Cream, available exclusively at, our experts take a look over just what a night cream does for your skin, as well as suggesting a few others currently out there on the male grooming market, if you have your favourite brand already in place.

The first thing to note is the regeneration properties of a night cream for men. Many of their formulas are thicker and deeply intense, mainly because you don't necessary need a lightweight quick action moisturiser whilst you sleep.

Simply think of your skin and complexion as a blank canvas, in which you build makeup upon, before heading off to work, or on a night out. Essentially, generating the freshest canvas will mean your cosmetics can solely focus on the coverage, brightening and enhancing qualities that they were designed to do. Whilst, as most of us guys know, we can never be truly protected against spots, wrinkles, fine lines and past sun damage, giving just a few examples across the many skin problems out there, good quality skin care takes you a giant step forward to a healthier looking skin surface, which starts of course with a Night Cream.

Whilst MMUK MAN's looks set to be a frontrunner with our carefully designed formula to rejuvenate and care for all skin types of any age, male grooming experts Taylor Of Old Bond Street offer a great night cream with generating properties to truly rival the best. Also available at at an industry low price, if you're a little more stretched on the purse strings, it's a great cheaper alternative.

So, back to the topic in hand. A good quality night cream alleviates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, perfect for mature men who are considering, or who already use Foundation For Men to cover them in the day time.

Meanwhile, they are also particularly good at removing signs of fatigue from the skin, allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalized. Furthermore, their vitamin enriched formulas and antioxidant layers support the structure of the very delicate skin under the eyes, seriously minimising the long term appearance of eye bags and dark circles, perfect if you use MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer in the daytime.

Whilst night creams will not directly improve the appearance of spots, it does help with the quick recovery of blemishes, proving to be a perfect skin care combination, if you use a BB or CC Cream For Men. Their blemish recovery power creates a fast double-action removal process for light imperfections, allowing them to fade quickly with consistent use.

When considering which direction to take your grooming routine gentlemen, investing in a good quality night cream or treatment will really let your complexion recover and branch out into a whole new world of health and vitality. Remember to always stick to one made for men, as they are typically non fragranced and do not leave your skin over oiled and ultimately prone to pore clogging.