Hi, I am looking to purchase some makeup to help make my skin look more even and smooth, I have very pale skin with a combination of mostly dry skin with slight oily patches, I also have some dimples/scars from chicken pox years ago. My skin can also be quite sensitive. I am looking for something that will still look natural, any suggestions would be helpful Thank you.

Jordan Samuel

Here’s MMUK MAN’s advise to Jordan and guys in a similar situation, struggling to battle sensitive skin that is blemish prone and sometimes slightly oily.

Hello there Jordan,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We have a lot of guys with similar requests as yourself and there's always a few core products we recommend. Firstly, start with our skin primer, applied all over the face like a moisturiser and just a few drops will be enough. This creates a nice barrier between your skin and makeup and leaves your face fully protected all day. Using this men's makeup base also allows all your products to stay in place too and ultimately look more natural.

Secondly, when you have sensitive skin the best option to manage it is with the use of mineral makeup for men. Our Mineral Matte Foundation will not only treat your skin but control the oilier parts of it too, whilst of course evening and smoothing your complexion. It comes with an easy application sponge and you don't have to apply too much across your face to get the desired natural coverage. Within just a few applications, you'll soon be working it like a pro.

After about a minute, target your, already fading scars) with our concealer stick. Simply dabbing this over them and blending your concealer in with your finger tip will work very nicely for you and you will see any lingering facial blemishes disappear until removal.

To finish, dust a little Mineral Anti Shine Powder across your complexion with our Mineral Buffer Brush and your face will be left looking natural, shine free and enhanced all day. Concentrate your application on the t-zone in particular, as this is the area that usually produces more shine when using men's cosmetics.

There are a couple more items that will be worth considering further down the line, but for now, these will do a great job at helping you achieve your goals. For very pale skin, I'd recommend N4 on our colour palette, but you can always e-mail me back with a recent photo (or one of the back of your hand) and i'll advise on the correct shade.

I'll be here with you after your purchase, supporting you further if you require it.

Have a lovely weekend.