Last week, it was announced by MMUK MAN that we would be releasing our long awaited Beard Filler just before Christmas.  After months of research and product testing, we feel that we have finally cracked it, allowing thousands and thousands of men to bid patch, uneven and confidence damaging beards a not so fond farewell once and for all.

Arriving in 4 shades and incredibly powerful at blending to your own natural hair tone, MMUK MAN’s beard filler will retail at £12.  However, using voucher code mmuk10 at our checkout, lucky readers of this blog post can enjoy an additional 10% off - just as our way of saying thank you!  

Before the big launch, we have passed this product over to grooming expert James Clyne and asked him to provide us with a completely honest up front account of what he thinks of the product itself, and here is how he got on. James - over to you.

Okay guys, my hugely anticipated MMUK MAN Beard Filler arrived yesterday and my first impressions were fantastic!  The box is super stylish, similar to that of a product from Mac and the black matte casing simply screams luxury.  I received a slick silver angled tip brush too that has a twist style, which was the perfect compliment to a great looking product.

Next, it was time to give it a go.  I have left my beard to grow for about four or five days in a bid to test this products true performance, as my facial hair grows faster than most other blokes.  I chose its dark brown colour and its match to my skin was quite remarkable.  With a simple dab into the product and a tap off of the excess onto a tissue, I was ready for application.

Wow!  As a long term sufferer of patchy beards, I simply pressed the product onto the affected areas, as well as the immediate hair around the thinning areas and it immediately looked enhanced and even.  I’ve used similar products like this in the past but often the colour match and durability of those alternatives always came into doubt.

I would highly recommend dabbing this beard filler onto the thinning and patchy hair as appose to swiping, as this can leave makeup smeared all over your face, a look that us guys certainly do not want.

My overall thoughts:  Natural looking, long lasting, enhancing and a real grooming game changer.  It is safe to say that yet again, MMUK MAN have hit the nail on the proverbial head, with yet another wonderful hit amongst their already blockbuster range!  A fantastic product that ticks all the boxes for myself and I can’t wait to introduce it to my clients who suffer with similar beard issues.