Matthew Clayman - Purchased, MMUK MAN Pro Finish Foundation and MMUK MAN Bronzer For Men.

Hey Matt, thank you for agreeing to answer some questions on your recent purchases from Makeup For Men UK.  Can you tell us what you initially thought of the products?

‘Absolutely loved them, they’re smart and the fact that they came in black matte boxes and cases made them so manly.  Most makeup I’ve purchased in the past had to be women’s as you’re the first reasonable priced brand that solely cater for men i’ve found.  Sometimes on women’s you get flowers and funny patterns on the boxes, it can be quite embarrassing as a guy.’  

Brilliant, does this mean you’ll happily leave it on show around the house?  

‘Well, I live with my girlfriend and it was always a bit weird borrowing her concealer and foundation, even though we joked about it.  To have such bold and masculine casing makes it feel cool, so definitely yes!’

So she definitely approves then?  

‘Yes, like I say, it was always a bit of a joke, i’m man enough to say I need a little help from men’s makeup products from time to time, but she absolutely loved them too, yes!.’

Were you happy with the quality of the product upon application of your makeup for men?  

‘My god yes!  I’ve tried a lot of women’s and the only quality I can compare it to is MAC.  The things that stood out for me was the fact it stayed perfect all day, my skin looked healthier upon removal after a few days and the fact the bronzer didn’t shimmer too much, which is what normally happens to me.’

Thank you Matt, we won’t keep you too much longer, I promise.  What initially made you choose MMUK MAN’s products?

‘I saw it online and the product pages were very precise and helpful and to be honest, I love a freebie every now and then (hence why i’m doing this :))  and the fact you get the free makeup for men accessories is great, as they can be just as expensive as the products if you start collecting.  

Finally, in three words how would you describe MMUK MAN?  

Trying not to be too cheesy haha.  Quality, Manly and Value.

Rory O’Halloran- Purchased, MMUK MAN Foundation For Men, MMUK MAN Skin Primer For Men and MMUK MAN’s Liquid Guyliner.

Hello Rory, Thank you for participating in today’s online chat.  Firstly, what were your initial thoughts after coming across MMUK MAN’s Makeup For Men online?

Well, i’ve worn a few makeup for men products in the past and have been reasonably impressed, however, the selection has always been limited to just foundations and bronzers, from what I found.  After I saw the range and the photo’s; I just had to try it.  They were a little more expensive than what I would normally pay, but I hoped it would be worth it.

Have your hopes come true?

Certainly, they are fantastic.  They looked the part and the quality is second to none.  I’ve tried lots of foundation but this is the best by far.  Even coverage, easy to apply and it’s really smooth.  I did get my colour slightly wrong, i think, as it is a little pale.  However, a tinted moisturiser soon helped that out.  Why isn’t there an MMUK MAN one?

We’re working on it Rory and when it arrives, we’ll be sure to let you know.  Would you recommend MMUK MAN to any of your friends?

Well, the rest of the guys are rugby men, so I reckon they would probably joke about it as a group, but after seeing what each of them use to look good.  I honestly believe they would consider wearing it.  A lot of them are single, and if it improved their chances with the ladies, by looking better, I reckon they’d try it.

Rugby men?  Maybe we need to target a new market.  What was your favourite product and least favourite product you brought from Makeup For Men UK?

My favourite, definitely the liquid face makeup for men.  The box is cool and the quality of it is great.  My least, is the Guyliner.  I brought it at random really to get the free gift, but eye makeup for men really isn’t for me.  I’m not great at applying it, it took me a while and maybe I applied too much.

We’re sorry to hear that, we’ll be sure to send you over some application material to help you make the most of your men’s eye makeup.  Finally, how would you pitch MMUK MAN’s brand, if you worked for us?

I would have to say...If you spend £60 on an all saints jumper, a pair of Levis and £40 on a hair cut.  MMUK MAN gives you an improved appearance in a totally new way and would blow that sort of stuff out of the water...I don’t think i’d get a job with you with that pitch!

Two gentlemen whom are certainly liking what they see.  Let’s see how our third and final client found his makeup for men experience with MMUK MAN...

Tom Ekers - Purchased, MMUK MAN’s Concealer Stick For Men.

Hello Tom, it’s nice to talk to you again.  Can you tell us what was your reasoning to buying MMUK MAN’s Concealer Stick For Men?

‘Well, despite being in my mid 20’s I keep getting the odd spot appear and it takes about a week for them to go.  It’s so annoying and as i’ve recently become single, i’m going out quite a lot.  I wanted something quick and easy to correct the imperfections I get from time to time and cover them up well.’

Has MMUK MAN’s Concealer Stick For Men suceeded in doing this?

‘Most definitely, it covers up quickly and easily.  I rapply it first thing after a wash and moisturisation and it stays covered up all day.  Other concealers for men i’ve used in the past often fade throughout the day, not this one!  If i’m going out for drinks after work, i’ll give it a little touch up, just in case.  That’s why I purchased two of the same colour, one for work, one for home.’

Great stuff, has anyone noticed you wearing makeup for men since you purchased it?

‘Not at all, people have said things like ‘god, your skins looking good’ and I am a lot more confident now with the women, so it has it’s benefits.  It matches my skin and blends in really well, so I cannot complain.’

You’ve answered our next question of ‘How does wearing your concealer make you feel?’ there.  How would you sum it up in three words?

‘Confident, happy and masculine’ 

‘Makeup For Men UK intend to keep a close eye on our customer’s feedback from this revolutionary brand of men’s makeup.  One thing is evident in the early stage of the lines life.  Men all over the country are warming to the concept and quality of our brand’  Alex Dalley (Founder and CEO Makeup For Men UK.