Choosing the right shade of men's makeup can sometimes seem like a real struggle.  For gents, not well rehearsed in the art of cosmetics and all it has to offer, finding out what shade of foundation, concealer or even bronzer often leads them to put their complexion goals on the back burner.  In today's make-up for men blog, we'll be running the rule over MMUK MAN's colour pallet, showing you what shades of makeup best suit each varying skin tone, in the hope of making your cosmetic experience that little bit easier.

Although there are 12 colour tones available, the closeness of each shade really boils down to suiting five different skin tones.  Due to the remarkable blending power of MMUK MAN, you are really given the license to get your colour matched perfectly, as even if you get it slightly wrong, the chances are, the product will do all the hard work and remain undetected on your face.

Getting the right shade is absolutely crucial in maintaining your makeup’s undetectable edge.  To do this, check out our below list of shades and what skin tone is best suited to each individual option open to you..

N3 is designed for very pale skin.  Extra pale skin can be covered just as nicely as darker tones, but it's important to choose this shade and work in small amounts of makeup at a time.

N4/5 - Our most popular colour choice for average white Caucasian gentlemen.  A typical white skin tone, which isn't significantly pale would go for N4 and skin that tans well in the summer would match the N5 option.

C6/7 would match most lighter olive skinned gentlemen.  The cool essence of this shade choice matches the yellow under tone of this shade of skin.

N7 - Our most popular shade for slightly tanned men.  Normal Caucasian men with a tan or naturally tanned gents would really benefit from choosing N7 and this tone will even blend in nicely even if your skin is slightly lighter.

N8 is ideal for very tanned gentlemen, resembling the colour you would be after a week or two's holiday abroad.  N8 is a step up from N7 and would be a white gentlemen's choice at the very maximum of regular sun exposure.

Most Asian gentlemen would resemble colour N95 on our makeup for men palette, whilst black guys would be N10.  We do offer N14, which is our darkest colour but N10 is by far the most popular of this category.

Remember fellas, choosing the right shade of make-up need not be a thankless task.  Our team of experts are just a click away from advising you of your most appropriate colour.  An option very popular amongst our clients is to send us in a recent photograph of themselves which we can then turn into a free expert consultation.  Make the step up in the men's cosmetics courtyard with the very best colours available from our fantastic MMUK MAN collection.