mmuk man was founded for real men, by real men!

When it comes to makeup for men, we know what guys want.  Along with concealer being one of the most popular male cosmetics on the market today, it was crucial for MMUK MAN to discover how we can better equip gents with some serious back up power to cover up those unwanted spots, blemishes and fine lines.

Welcome aboard MMUK MAN’s Concealer Trio For Men; a product which we are very proud of and very excited about unleashing onto the men’s makeup scene this week.  

The most common form of male concealer is a concealer stick.  However, what we seek to achieve in our newly designed men’s concealer is something innovative and more practical for the modern day men.  As popular as concealer sticks for men are, we couldn’t help but think there was something out there which is more masculine, rougher around the edges and something any man would be proud to have in his grooming routine.MMUK MAN Concealer Trio For Men

‘’Step forward Makeup For Men’s Concealer Trio... A modern day concept which depicts the changing nature of male grooming and men’s cosmetic demands’’ (Alex Dalley, Founder of MMUK MAN)

Likened to military camouflage, one applied, this cover up masterpiece gets to work on those unwanted, unsightly and confidence damaging imperfections.  With its cream based formula, which set’s as a powder, whether you’re in the army, a fireman or even a builder, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having this cosmetic heavy hitter waiting on the sidelines.

MMUK MAN was developed by real men, for real men.  Whether you’re on the rugby pitch on a Sunday, down the pub on a Tuesday or out with the guys on a Friday night, there’s certainly no shame in being vain when it comes to us guys.  It’s only natural for men’s men to be cautious about grooming, cosmetics and makeup.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be a man if you weren’t.  However, that’s not to say  that with the likes of this Concealer Trio For Men now available, you should be completely against the idea.  With such a product, and like all of the products in our makeup for men store, a perfect balance can be struck between masculinity and perfection, which keeps the grooming guru’s at the door and the ladies, very much in!

Encased in it’s bold, black and matte casing are three separate concealer colours, all built with the same formula.  Having three separate concealer colours you may think this is peculiar, however, below we have outlined the advantages of having a choice of concealer for men shades at your disposal.

‘‘keep the grooming guru’s at your door and the ladies, very much in’’ (the grooming guru)

  • Perfect for the concealer for men newcomer who isn’t quite sure of the correct tone to buy.


  • By offering three colours, you are able to get the perfect blend for you to truly match your skins natural colour.


  • Use a darker shade in the summer, when your skin tends to be more tanned, and a lighter shade in the winter.


  • Combat the rise of an uneven skin tone by applying mixes of concealer to certain sections of your face displaying different pigment colours. 


  • Seriously tackle even the darkest of imperfections with the lighter shade of the three to rebalance your skins tone, whilst providing expert cover up.


  • If you like to dabble in a little bit of bronzer, the darker shade of the three available in your colour selection will work extremely well for your complexion demands.


  • Erase the appearance of dark circles and eye bags with a lighter shade.


Bewildered?...Intrigued?...Or perhaps disappointed in yourself for not taking on board just how the ‘good looking guy’ got that girl?  The truth is gents, you are a man!  A man in control of his destiny and a man who was born ready to play his own leading role.  The question is ... Is he you?