I've always been really sceptical about wearing foundation for men, especially as I’d hate to risk looking feminine.  I've always thought of foundation as strictly a women's only product, but decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot after reading some great reviews about MMUK MAN's versions.

After doing a fair bit of research, the first thing that came to mind is where do I start?  With matte versions, cream to powders, anti-wrinkle and goodness knows what other kinds out there, it was safe to say, that I was well and truly lost!
However, after contacting the team (Lucy was great by the way) - after a pretty straightforward e-mail consultation, it all began to make sense and I simply couldn't wait for my purchased product to arrive.

Needless to say, within a matter of days, my brand new present landed through my letterbox and I couldn't wait to give it a try.
My first impressions were great!  I love how the product is clearly branded and designed for men and the plain black packaging was a world away from the flowery, swirly, outright feminine versions I was used to seeing online and in adverts.  Within a few minutes (after a hot shower) it was time to see if MMUK MAN's Foundation For Men really could live up to the hype?

What more could I say? it was fantastic!  Uneven skin, rough patches and acne scaring had destroyed my skin all throughout my twenties, and aside for the complete happiness of all that instantly vanishing upon wear, I was a little depressed that I put up with them for all that time without actually doing something positive about it.  My skin instantly turned around and the confidence I felt was quite astonishing.   Over the next week, it was just a case of really getting to grips with this men’s makeup product and understanding how it performed.

There are a few tips that are important to note when wearing it regularly, to make sure it looks awesome.

Firstly, make sure you rub the product into your hairline and beard, you don't want it looking ginger!  Secondly, always use a men’s foundation brush or sponges.  Dot a couple of pea size amounts onto the back of your hand and apply evenly across your face.  Finally, make sure you get a good colour match to your skin.  You can do this using the colour pallet, or just ask one of the guys and they'll work with you to find the best shade I’m sure.  They did it for me and got it spot on.

To summarise:  A fantastic product regardless of your experience with cosmetics for men.  It lasts all day long and leaves my skin looking healthy, toned and even.  It doesn't completely vanish imperfections, but I've learned that a foundation isn't supposed to, it simply blankets them and makes them appear less defined.  For the cover up of lingering imperfections a concealer is probably a good option for you, worn over a male foundation.

A wonderful product, great service and I am well and truly converted.  Masculine and great value.  I could not ask for more!