If you’re looking to give your complexion a boost this January, look no further than MMUK MAN Liquid Foundation. This week it’s reviewed by men's makeup blogger Tommy and here is exactly how he found it.

I'm back with a featured product review from the luxury cosmetic range by MMUK MAN. Continuing from last year where we touched base with this premium, yet affordable range available here at mensmake-up.co.uk. I want to give you guys reading a simple and relatable approach to this range. The stigmas around cosmetics are changing slowly for the better. It is important to understand this brand was created to be simplistic, discreet and highly effective. Supporting you with a light blanket that corrects, provides versatile coverage and DOESN'T hinder your manhood. The term makeup still leaves some men feeling unsure, so don’t worry. For so long it has been associated with the opposite sex, but times now are different. Essentially, makeup is used to cover up and enhance what you already have. You should remember this.

Let's jump straight in with MMUK MAN’s Hydrating Male Foundation, which has been created to work with your skin. With a range of 10 shades to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the correct match for your skin tone. Foundation simply blankets the whole of your face with a ‘foundation layer’. Yes, it is that simple. With one easy sweep you can conceal groups of blemishes and imperfections quickly. Think of it like a building site, you wouldn’t just build a house upon the dirt? You’d lay down a foundation block (of cement) to have something to build upon. Foundation layers the skin, hiding any imperfections that you are wanting to camouflage and gives you a base to work on top of. It leaves your skin looking clearer and your complexion more consistently toned.

If we go back to our building site reference above. Putting down a foundation layer ensures the construction above is more resilient and overall gives a better outcome. Overtime the structure will stay more intact and is less likely to show cracks along the seams. You level the ground, so the base is even and easier to build upon. Cosmetic coverage works in a similar manner. You take rough and uneven skin and blanket with a subtle yet strong base layer, to then add to.

I mentioned above that this product is a Hydrating Male Foundation. Its formula was created to target men's tougher skin (that’s a scientific fact chaps). Unlike the products you’d have found years back, it aids towards your skin’s health and won’t cause your skin to become dryer overtime. It won’t clogged and congest your pores either. The targeted area blanketed with this foundation will be further penetrated, with its unique formula. It infuses the layer underneath to keep your skin more elastic and better hydrated. Supporting moisture levels inside your skin, will further promote the foundation effects across the skins surface. The formula contains Wheat Germ – which contains powerful vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. These all strengthen your skins natural barrier to keep your skin bouncier and more youthful. You’ll see that your coverage looks natural and doesn’t show any cracking along the seams.

The product is an easy one to use if you take the time to understand its properties. It comes as a pump applicator which gives you better measurement when dispensing. Always start small with the amount and build up should you need too. I've given this product a whirl on several occasions to lift my skins complexion when it was needed. My first mistake was dispensing too much and having excess formula on my skin. I really didn’t need that much; I found a couple of drops for a full face was plenty on my second approach. Upon the skin, the formula was extremely lightweight and blended beautifully against my skin tone. I used a beauty blending sponge to transfer and push the solution into and around my skin. The
application was gentle, yet untraceable. It worked its way through my beard
stubble leaving my face blended well. I found this product was the best choice for those days where my overall skin tone was on the grey side. I ensured when applying this that I worked the foundation into facial contours, around my hairlines, ears and down my neckline too. My skin felt as if it was able to breathe after applying, which felt good throughout the day. Upon removing the product off my face, I could see that my skin still looked fresh underneath and was soft to the touch. Of course, I would normally keep my fluid levels up on any given day.

So, I feel it is important to mentioned that here in this product review also. I did personally find it harder to blend the foundation with a brush, which is why I opted to promote a beauty blending sponge. Each tool is designed to blend wonderfully and this just comes down to personal preference and technique for me. For those who wish to conceal larger imperfections and target wider areas on the skin. This Hydrating Male Foundation is a great option to choose. The colour matches to your skin tone effectively to encourage a groomed, yet rugged appearance. It
blankets the skin leaving untraceable coverage, works for day long wear,
provides a stable base to build upon and nourishes the skin with its formulated vitamin infused solution. There is no residual build up after application, or with removal too. Easily cleansed from the skin leaving behind fresher and skin that has better controlled moisture levels.