The male cosmetics market has gone through some drastic changes since the turn of the millennium.  With the rise of daily moisturisers, cleansers, toners and face masks all specifically designed for men, comes a modern day man ready and willing to take such male beauty products under his wing and run with them.  

However, as we sit here on the dawn of a new era of male cosmetics it’s important to understand just how far men are willing to go to look good, flawless and masculine.  Makeup For Men UK, Britain’s number one men’s makeup specialist have announced the release date of their eagerly anticipated ‘mmuk man’ brand.  With the release of this top drawer makeup for men range, a new optimism surrounding male grooming has begun.  

Gentlemen, it’s time to listen to the quiet whisperings of the male cosmetics grapevine and understand just how far mmuk man can take you.  Exclusively available at, the mmuk man range incorporates a captivating, unparalleled and simply masculine collection of makeup for men products all of which have been specifically designed for men.  

The buzz surrounding the release of this all new men’s makeup collection is quite astonishing.  Coveted in September’s issue of ‘Mens Health’ as well as in men’s lifestyle blogs including ‘ManFace’, ‘Ask Men’ and GQ.  It seems that everybody from journalists, makeup experts right down to the consumers themselves are vying to get a piece of the action.  

Speaking at the brands official launch in London’s Mayfair, CEO Alexander Dalley said:  ‘It is with great pleasure to introduce the mmuk man brand of makeup specifically for men.  We have been working on the entirety of this range since late 2011 and it’s finally a range to be very proud of.  We are in fact, as proud to have the brand up and running as every man will feel to have one or more products in his wash bag or bathroom cabinet.We want nothing but the best for our makeup for men cliental.  We have managed to combine superior quality, masculinity and affordability in a specialist collection of male cosmetics, which will shape the future of modern day grooming.’ 

When asked on what makes the brand unique and special, co-founder Christian Hargreaves said the following:  ‘It has taken nearly 12 months to find the perfect manufacturing base, which didn’t just meet the requirements set out by modern male cosmetic demands, but excelled in them.  We have been working with the worlds leading makeup manufacturer responsible for the biggest women’s range of makeup ever seen and adapted their formulas to meet the special conditions present in all types of mens skin.   Through endless testing, retesting and applying with the help of 3 of the world’s leading makeup for men artists, we come to stand where we are today with a product in our locker designed to provide men with ultimate happiness, satisfaction and masculinity.  

Whether you’re at the beach, out for dinner, in the office or out on the town; the mmuk man is your new ultimate wingman.  Men wear makeup to look good, which in turn attracts the ladies and improves confidence, it really is as simple as that.  The alpha male is not complicated, however his cosmetic needs are fine tuning day by day to such a degree that he is welcoming the thought of wearing foundations, concealers and bronzers to look fresh, flawless and masculine. 

With the help of mmuk man and you too can do just that.  A little touch up goes a hell of along way when it comes to makeup for men.  With a range that includes guyliner, manscara, foundation, bronzer and much much more, the male cosmetic barrier will be raised to a whole new level come the brands exclusive launch on August 20th at 12pm.