Dear MMUK,

Here's a photo of my son, please can you advise what shade would be best for him on your palette? I saw on your Find My Colour page that I can send in a recent picture of him so you can advise on his correct shade of makeup.

He's now got acne and is on Roaccutance. He wants a set of products that takes away the worst of the redness but not total coverage. Please could you let us know what would be suitable for someone on Roaccutance and hence with very dry and sensitive skin.

Many thanks in Advance, Joanna

Good morning Joanna,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and sending in the photo of your son. I can confirm the correct colour for him on our palette is N4 and light in the BB cream.

We get many mother's contact us about products for their son's and seeking advice on what products would be best for them so I'm going to dive right in. As he has sensitive skin that's dry and prone to acne, I'd recommend focusing entirely on our mineral selection of men's makeup. This range has been specifically developed for sensitive skin that's particularly prone to flushes and redness. They are still some of our most natural looking products, but have the capability to calm the skin rather than agitate it.

I'd recommend starting his makeup routine with a light application of our Mineral Matte Foundation. Not only does it harbour all the qualities of mineral products but this foundation also boasts a subtle coverage that will blur out most of his acne all day. It's incredibly easy to apply too and I'd recommend using our Mineral HD Kabuki Brush for the quickest and best results.

After he's applied the foundation, there may be some spots or blemishes that are still visible because of their bigger size. This is when a slight dab of our Concealer can be applied over the top of them and dabbed in using his finger tip. After a couple of practices, I'm sure he'll be feeling much more confident on how best to apply the concealer.

Mineral PowderTo finish, a dusting of our Mineral Anti-Shine Powder will finish off his new makeup routine perfectly. As well as having all the skin care benefits of mineral makeup, this powder will also lock in his foundation and concealer all day and ensure it stays put without caking or fading. A gentle application over the t-zone is usually enough and it will also help minimise the appearance of pores and leave his whole face look smoother and clearer.

I'd also recommend him using our Anti-Redness Moisturiser before his routine and on the days where he isn't using his mineral products. This has been specifically designed for guys with sensitive skin and is incredibly powerful at reducing natural redness and guarding against facial flushing. It's a great all round moisturiser that he can also use before bed as a night cream.

With these four products, I'm sure he can achieve a natural and quick routine that will work for him throughout his teenage years. Our founder Alex actually developed MMUK MAN after suffering with acne breakouts and redness as a teenager himself and decided that there needed to be brand specifically created for men's skin that helped them confidently and comfortably deal with similar skin issues.

MMUK MAN cream foundationI've included some links to the products I recommend and if you or your son ever need anything I'm always here. All of the products below also have short tutorial videos on the product pages which he can watch if he feels he needs a little guidance in how to best apply them.

Thank you, Lucy