Every now and then it would be fair to say that we like to shake up things on the male makeup and grooming scene.  Whether it’s new products, application techniques or hints and tips to keep our cliental right up to scratch with the latest ongoings on the cosmetic scene, we like to deliver them in the right ways to keep you firmly pulsated on what’s in store for you.


December marks the fall of four brand new male makeup products, which we are extremely excited about!  Each carefully chosen to make sure anonymity and subtlety remain pivotal into their finish and a brand new and enhanced look comes with no questions asked.  Likewise, affordability and quality are also key factors in our willingness to take on new makeup for men products and for what’s in store for you guys this December, it would be fair to say we’ve magnificently succeeded.


Up first, is a product our team of men’s makeup experts are extremely excited about.  A concealer for men containing healing and treating tea tree oil, W7’s expert camouflaging cream tops the charts when it comes to covering a whole host of male specific imperfections, such as spots, marks and blemishes.  Easy to apply, affordable and very natural, our latest mens concealer added to our already exciting collection is sure to get a few eyebrows raised as we head into 2014.  This simple and stylish men’s concealing agent comes in the form of a stick and can be hidden away in any man’s wash bag, mirroring its very own discretion when it comes to performance on the biggest of stages.


Up next is another hit from growingly popular male cosmetic brand W7, this time in the form of a deluxe eyebrow pencil.  Arriving in four different shades to suit any man’s hair colour, the power is very much in your own hands when it comes to redefining tired, lifeless and hard to manage brows as a guy.  Once again, effortlessly ticking the box for subtlety and superiority, when in need of a little grooming boost call upon the power of this expert eyebrow pencil for men.


Penultimately gentlemen, L’Oreal Eyeliner kohl pencil for men is a black defining cosmetic pencil which can be worn smooth for a slick finish or smudged to release the inner character within.  This quick and easy eye makeup tool can be applied to the outer eye for professional framing and to give real depth to your look, as thousands of men out there strive for a captivating look.  L’Oreal’s guyliner pencil is now just £7.50 and works wonders alongside other male makeup products, such as manscara and brow gel.


And finally, W7’s camera ready anti redness skin primer.  Providing intense moisture to the skin all day long for long lasting makeup for men wear, this make-up base is the perfect cosmetic tonic when in need of a natural look as a busy man on the go.  Look sharp and natural with the anti-redness properties brought within this nourishing formula which provides a velvet like texture to men’s skin, prior to the application of products including foundation and bronzer for men.  An excellent call when it comes to showing off the real benefits of luxury male cosmetics, this superior men’s makeup base screams ‘wow’ when gentlemen out their are in most need of a great finish.


So gents, there we have it.  December brings with it a handful of great products to baulk up MMUK MAN’s already exciting lines.  Creating an explosive cocktail of performance and an upgrade in complexions, the makeup for men products that we continue to invest in are truly unrivaled by others in the business.  As 2014 draws ever closer, isn’t it time you asked yourself the question?  Are you ready for a upgrade?