It's one of our key goals here at MMUK MAN to provide you with the very best products on the male cosmetic market.  That gentlemen, includes keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest grooming products to come onto the scene.  In today's men's makeup blog, allow us to introduce you to a cluster of new and exciting products available in store from June 1st.

Up first are two new concealers for men in the form of Menaji's highly coveted Camo Concealer and Evolution Man's Conceal and Treat Anti-Blemish Stick.  Both of these products uphold the key properties we look for in male concealer, namely, remaining undetectable, easy to apply and offering expert coverage.  Both products come in wonderfully masculine packaging and wouldn't look out of place on even the most macho-man's bathroom shelf.  Whilst they both come in three tones, to make colour matching easy, they do slightly differ, so it's a good idea to check our colour guide before deciding if one of these concealer for men products could be for you.  Make light work of common imperfections with just a simple dab and blend with two of what we believe are the best around.

Up next is a product we are hugely excited to release.  BRTC's Blemish Recover Balm is a BB Cream For Men that targets the appearance of common facial imperfections, most notably acne, to clear and treat the skin, for a fully healed complexion.  This blemish recover balm can be applied very easily and comes in a universal shade, eliminating common problems associated with colour matching.  BRTC are the unprecedented experts when it comes to male BB cream and in this brand new product from their world renowned male cosmetic clinic, now is your chance to wave away troubled, oily and imperfection prone skin.  Some of the before and after shots that we have seen look very promising for guys who continually fight blemishes and acne.  The recovery rate for such a product lies at around 7 to 10 days.  However, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were to wear it for the long haul.

If that wasn't quite enough gents, 4VOO's fabulous range of men's cosmetics will also be launching in early June.  Comprising a luxury set of male cosmetics, including a concealer, brow gel and tinted moisturiser, look red carpet ready with the brand worn by some of the biggest A-List male celebs in the world, including Brad Pitt and George Clooney.  Other products on offer from June 1st include a brand new Men's CC Cream and Nickel's exciting new skin perfecting foundation for men, made famous from their leading London based skincare spa for men.

For now fellas, it's a goodbye from us.  But, be sure to check out all the new products on sale from Midday on 1st June 2014.