Firstly, What is the difference between CC and BB cream?

A BB Cream is a blemish balm, which main purpose is to target and minimise the amount of blemishes on your complexion. It's secondary function is to offer coverage to those specific blemishes, whilst behind the scenes they are being minimised. A CC cream however, is a complexion correction and works more like a foundation in that it gives even and enhancing coverage to the entire complexion, whilst at the same time looking natural.

Are CC/BB Creams just a new name for Tinted Moisturiser?

BB/CC Creams aren't a different form of tinted moisturiser. Tinted Moisturiser focuses on giving the complexion enhancements by adding colour and texture to men's skin surfaces. However, CC Creams are typically lighter and work to conceal blemishes by brightening the face as appose to darkening it.

Whats the difference between your BB Cream and your MMUK MAN BB Tinted Moisturiser?

MMUK MAN's BB Cream focuses on combating blemishes and correcting imperfections on the face, whilst combining it with a hint of colour, to add texture and gentle tan to the skin. MMUK MAN's BB Tinted Moisturiser is a much heavier tanning product that is ideal for darker skin tones that typically suffer with darker types of imperfections such as moles and sun spots.

Will i need to use primer before using BB or CC cream?

We recommend always using a Primer before putting on any type of face product. Most daily moisturisers are good, but if you don't get the right one, it could turn your face into an oily mess. By investing in a primer like ours, you're going to get the perfect balance on your skin of matte and moisture, which creates the perfect blank canvas to be built upon with men's makeup.

What is the difference between MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder and MMUK MAN Mineral Anti Shine Powder?

MMUK MAN's regular Anti-Shine powder is an invisible blotting powder that removes shine from men's skin surfaces and can be applied with a brush or sponge. Our mineral version of this powder does the same job, however, it's a loose powder and can only be applied with a brush. This is ideal for more experienced users of makeup for men, as you'll need to know just how much and where to apply it. The mineral aspect of this powder has all the extra skin care qualities that are within our entire mineral makeup line - making it a real hit for men with sensitive and up and down skin.

I was told i am a N4, What if I buy a product in N4 shade and its not right?

Absolutely! If you order a product and use it once to find out that it's the incorrect colour, you can return it for an exchange without a problem. We get hundreds of guys contact us each month and very rarely do we get a skin tone recommendation wrong.

Your BB cream comes in Fair, Light, Light medium, Medium and Dark - if i am an N4, what shade would I need?

If you've been recommended the colour N4 and are looking to buy our BB cream, the colour Light in this product will be the most suitable for your skin tone.

Do you have any retail shops in London where i can go and see the products?

At the moment we are online only. However, in 2018, we have plans to open our first store in Brighton due to the very high demand there. From there, we intend on mapping out MMUK MAN stores across the country before moving internationally.

If you don't have any retail shops in London - why don't you open one in Westfield Stratford City or Covent Garden and I can run it for you?

That sounds like a plan!