We see sites riddled with product reviews, articles and blogs highlighting the glaringly obvious of how mens makeup can ‘improve your look’, ‘make you look fantastic’ and my personal fave ‘look sharp, enough said.’

Although these bold statements are unprecedented, I personally think of them as being just too basic for the modern man to adequately digest.

It’s time to play the long game when it comes to makeup, gentlemen!

Further your career and enhance your sex appeal by taking advantage of what mens makeup can do for you in a whole new league of competition.  

Our career is everything! It defines us, it pays our bills, and is the heartbeat to us men maximizing our quality of life.  Your professional lifestyle’s importance should never be underestimated fellas, which is why in 2012 it’s time to give it an injection with makeup for men; including foundation, concealer and even guyliner. 

How? you may ask.

First off, your career is based around contact, ‘contact’ with colleagues, customers, clients and management’  The truth is, regardless of your career you will spend a significant amount of time accessing these ‘points of contact’.  

Let’s bring mens makeup into the picture...

What does it do?, how does it make you feel? and how do people react to you wearing it (if they even notice at all)? 

The answers to these questions result in a list of comprehensive and affirmative positives; but it’s time to read between the lines and understand how it can redefine you as a masculine, macho ‘grrrrr’ kind of guy.  

So, the story goes... 

Immediately draw attention to the captivating areas of your face with mens makeup; such as your eyes, lips and flawless skin.  Because, in today’s everyday offices fellas, people really notice.  

The women will want to be with you and the guys will want to be you.  

Use this to your advantage and apply mens makeup to engage your audience in order to win business, impress clients and earn immediate respect from management or seniors without them even realising.  

Let’s look closely at the second question above.  Yes mens makeup makes you look beyond great, but how does it make you (as a man) feel?

Confident, attractive dare we even say sexy?  

Now, transfer these into your work life and what do we get?....Success!

Here @mmukman we offer a great range of mens makeup products which ensure all of the above.  However, our subtle range of makeup ensure you’re not perceived as the office makeup wearing man minx but instead, the smart, sophisticated, 21st century kind of man you truly are.

Wear makeup for men because you can...Use it to inspire you to greater things...Avoid the frowns by using it subtly and most of all be your own man and read between the lines of your first thoughts

So, from initial interviews, meetings, speeches, conferences and beyond.  Engage your audience, have them right where you want them and push the boundaries of just how good a successful career can make you feel and define you as a man.