This week’s product review pick comes from Recipe For Men's Concealer. Coming in a choice of three shades (light, medium and dark), Recipe pride their product on being one of the easiest concealers for men, to easily colour match to gentlemen’s skin. As most guys sometimes struggle to find the most appropriate colour of makeup, my initial thoughts are that this is a great option for those who are unsure. Recipe For Men's Concealer comes with some serious firepower in the ingredients department also and to add further raw material to its already heavy bathroom artillery, the brand claim it to produce one of the most natural looking male concealers on the market. At an above average price of £18-20, depending on where you get your hands on it, it does have quite a lot to live up to however.

As soon as it arrived, I noticed that it's in a nicely presented box and the Recipe For Men branding makes it completely clear that this concealer is certainly not for girls! It's easily removed and you do actually get quite a lot of product, unlike some lower quality smaller cover up products. I've been experiencing a few spots on my forehead over the past couple of weeks. Whether it's been one too many takeaways, stress at work, or indulging in a little bit too much beer during the Rugby World Cup and what better opportunity to put Recipe For Men through its paces, to attempt to cover them up?

After using a mild face scrub, pat drying my skin and applying a daily moisturizer, I was ready to dabble (quite literally) in this concealer. Wow! Aside from instant coverage, the light makeup tone matched my skin perfectly and the initial definition of my spots was instantly camouflaged. However, I then tried to use a blending brush to dab the product in evenly, but this didn't really work for me in this instance, as I find using this male makeup tool, really only works in crevices on the face and hard to apply areas. Instead, opt for just using your clean dry fingertip and gently dab the product around your imperfection and surrounding area. It works just right for me!

Now, with a simple dab of the fingertip and a quick blend in, my three or four spots looked significantly reduced. After repeating the process two or three times, they had completely disappeared! WINNER! The overall process of covering up my spots and a couple of acne scars was about two minutes, making this a quick and effective cover up for busy men on the go. Coverage itself lasted about four or five hours, before a slight re-application was needed, making this in my opinion, a great concealer for guys before a night out or a date. I particularly like how it's clear that this concealer is clearly made for men and I've heard a lot of guys mention that for even better long term effects, Recipe's Anti Blemish Cover Stick can also be applied at night.

Would I recommend this to my clients? Absolutely! Along with MMUK MAN's Concealer Stick and YSL's Touche Eclat Concealer, it is most certainly up there. I'd also expect this product to last three to four months with daily wear, making the price tag seem like a snip in the long term too! A very good concealer with the logic to back up the claims. Recipe For Men Skin Care have done it yet again!