When it comes to men’s grooming and cosmetics, every now and then, us guys have to cheat the system. In a perfect world, we’d all get eight hours of sleep a night and drink our recommended two liters of water a day to help our skin out, but we’re from the real world and realize that every now and then, we need a little helping hand from the grooming gods. What better person to call upon, to help you achieve a fresh and flawless complexion, than MMUK MAN’s Chief Men’s Makeup Artist Adam, who in this week’s blog, will run you through seven almighty tips to help you achieve a champion look.

Whilst the secret of men and makeup is well and truly out of the bag, it’s not too late for you to jump on the bandwagon and learn a thing or two from the master, who manages to turn his large list of clients into bronzed supremo’s, with just a handful of tricks from the trade. Here’s Adam’s key tips that any man can follow to massively upgrade his appearance.

Firstly, it’s always a great idea to start with the eyes. The eyes, apart from being the windows to your soul, often show the first signs of fatigue, tiredness or ill-health. Adam often utilizes the power of energizing eye patches in an intensive ten minute treatment. ‘Recipe For Men’s Eye Patches do the job nicely and eliminate heavy signs of stress, dark circles and eye bags in around about eight to ten minutes.’ Next, he applies Recipe For Men’s Under Eye Primer to the eye contours and gently massages this intensive eye cream in, leaving this very delicate area of skin plump and fresh. To keep fine lines and puffiness at bay, he’ll dab on a little brightening under eye concealer, which will give natural coverage for the entire day. ‘I tend to use MYEGO’s Cover Select Concealer and gently dab it on to the under eye area. Be on the lookout for men’s concealer pen’s, as these make sure that the under eye area do not become swamped and heavy with too much product.’

Apply a little Eyeliner next to the outer area of the eye, which instantly gives them more definition and sex appeal. ‘Applying a little eyeliner will make your eyes stand out a lot more, whilst still looking nice and natural at the same time’ Adam explains. He’ll use an eyeliner from MMUK (usually in brown) and lightly dot it along the upper and lower lash lines of the eye. This will draw gentle attention to this area, rather than a big and black striking line, you’d normally associate with women’s makeup application.

Aside from making your lips feel more comfortable, a good balm will make your lips look more healthy and well nourished. ‘There’s nothing worse than when the lips are neglected in a cosmetic routine’, Adam says. ‘As most guys don’t tend to apply lip balm, they often appear cracked and dehydrated. The fact that most men do not apply coverage products either, like a matte lipstick, only amplifies their faults more.’ Invest in a good quality lip balm, such as MMUK MAN’s Lip balm and enjoy the benefits of enriched and correctly moisturised lips.

Next, it’s time to prepare the skin correctly, prior to the application of makeup for men. Deploy the use of a good quality men’s makeup moisturising base, such as MYEGO’s Surface Moisturiser and thoroughly rub it into your face and neck until it’s quickly absorbed. ‘I personally love this moisturiser because it leaves a nice matte finish behind, blasts the skin with natural moisture and my clients love it because it has a fresh scent of cucumber, that’s really relaxing.’ The goal here is to reinvigorate the skin and make it appear more healthy and toned, without making the skin look shiny.

When it comes to men and makeup, coverage is key! Your penultimate step involves applying a coverage cosmetic lightly to the face, to blanket your skin in natural cover up and hide all of those lingering imperfections and blemishes. Adam uses Recipe For Men’s Energizing Bronze Cream to do just that on his clients with minor facial blemishes and often resorts to MYEGO’s Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, if his client’s imperfections are a little more severe, as this product offers just that tad more coverage. Tinted Moisturisers like these are perfect for correcting men’s complexions, whilst their subtle tanning elements enhance skin tone and give his clients that fresh off the beach glow all day and all night long.

Finally, it’s the turn of facial hair to get a little TLC from the number one male makeup guru. Fill in any gaps in facial hair with MMUK MAN’s Beard Filler and enjoy a fully conformed and enhanced facial forest, ready for any special social or business event. Lightly apply beard filler to lighter patches of facial hair and it will begin to enhance your beard and create a truly captivating look. Once you’ve completed this process, dust your face (and head if you are bald) with a little anti-shine powder, to guarantee that your products remain in place for much longer. The use of a men’s anti shine powder will remove shine too and leave your entire face looking and feeling matte. If you do have unruly brows, it may be worth checking out a clear brow gel, but by following my core seven tips, you cannot go far wrong.