‘Dude! Where’s my lipstick?’ - So, it’s not something that you’ll hear too often from your average men’s locker room.  But, in a brand new twist of events.  MMUK MAN, Britain’s leading men’s cosmetic retailer ask, should guys ever wear lipstick?

Unlike most brands, which seem to ram products they think we want down our necks until we’re forced to buy or accept our pals wearing them.  In this new age of mens cosmetics, MMUK, who already boast over 30 male specific products for men, asks just how well an expansion of their line would be received?

Whilst their new men’s lipstick line may not boast the same outrageous colours, like the one showcased by our beloved Joey and his famous endorsement of ‘Ichiban for men’, MMUK MAN do raise the possibility of more subtle colours being introduced to a range encased in their iconic black matte and uber-manly packaging.

Would lipstick for men float your boat?

MMUK MAN, should the campaign be successful, will also offer the opportunity for their facebook followers to choose the names of the colours themselves.  The best suggestions will be selected and included in the products launch.  So, get your thinking caps on gents and see if you can blend it with the best of them.