MMUK MAN celebrated the launch of over twenty brand new products this week, yet another symbolisation of the brand’s remarkable rise up the male beauty charts, since our launch in 2011. The pick of the bunch is undoubtedly MMUK MAN’s new Dual Powder Foundation, which combines all the benefits of powder and foundation, in one matte finish formula that generates wonderfully natural medium coverage.

In this week’s male makeup blog, we’ve decided to explore our Dual Powder Foundation a little deeper and pick out six of its primary benefits and discuss how each can help you bag yourself a champion look. Whether you’re familiar with how foundation for men works or a complete newbie to men’s cosmetics, the good news is with just a few short practices, you can soon be cutting it like a pro. One of the biggest concerns men have when it comes to wearing foundation is how to make it appear completely natural on the skin. If this sounds all too familiar, the beauty with this product is that its matte texture takes all of the guess work out of your grooming routine and promises to leave your skin subtle and shine-free after every use.

Long Wearing

Whilst most male foundations offer 6-8 hours of flawless coverage, MMUK MAN’s Dual Powder Foundation has the texture and matte power to extend this for up to 12 hours. So, whether you’ve got a long day on the road or in the office, this foundation will have you completely covered - quite literally.

Reduces Pore Size

Large pores tend to make cosmetic products all the more noticeable on men and aside from drawing unwanted attention and making all your products look unnatural, they also ruin the smoothness of your skin’s surface. MMUK MAN’s Dual Powder Foundation counteracts this and instead reduces the appearance of pores for an enhanced complexion.

Controls Oils and Shine

If you’re a guy continually combatting shine, this foundation is an absolute godsend. Containing superior oil-absorbing powders, this formula guarantees to leave your skin matte and fresh all day long. You may also find your skin looking more shiny as your day goes on, particularly across your t-zone. With this Dual Powder Foundation constantly balancing out your skin, there’s no chance of standing out like a sore thumb.

Perfect For All Skin Types

This men’s foundation has been built for all skin tones and types. Whether your skin is typically dry, sensitive, combination, or in fact oily - this formula covers all bases and professionally caters for your individual skin needs. It also comes in a choice of 10 true to life shades and picking your correct shade couldn’t be easier than with our brand new colour-matching service.

Photo Friendly

Whether you’re a ‘selfie-holic’ or you’re continually getting papped by your mates on a night out, there’s no chance of your cover being blown whilst wearing this foundation, as it’s completely camera ready and photo friendly. The matte textured powders not only combat shine but control glare too, meaning when it’s finally time to bust out a pose or two, you won’t be left scratching your head in despair when the inevitable tags arrive on Insta the next morning.


Make streaking a thing of the past with this foundation for men. Tide-marks and those awful looking fake streaks are well and truly put to bed with this luxurious formula.

The true beauty with this men’s foundation is that it is completely easy to get to grips with and its application couldn’t be more simple. Using a large foundation brush or buffer brush, apply this product all over your face in gentle strokes to slowly build coverage until you achieve your desired look. A little tip from the experts: For a longer lasting wear and even more subtlety, finish by spraying your face with MMUK MAN’s Mineral Setting Spray.