Whether you’re at the beach, in the gym, or partaking in a few gentlemanly beverages this summer, there’s one thing that you certainly want to achieve and do not want to let go: namely your skin’s great look and health.

We know how easy it can be to get lost in the wilderness of makeup for men.  However, it’s time to put your pad and pencil down and stop trying to figure out the summer men’s makeup conundrum.  We’ve listed below the golden rules when it comes to how to wear makeup for men during summer, putting you in more than a few potential summer themed scenarios and letting you know what products are best for you, your skin and your complexion at this time of year.

For the gentlemen caught up in spirals and at male cosmetic roundabouts, unsure of which direction to take, allow the experts here at Mens Makeup UK to transform your cosmetic journey into a one way, smooth and unparalleled voyages of success.  

In the Gym - Makeup for men and working out can be a potential minefield.  During exercise your pores open up to assist in the removal of sweat and in cooling yourself down, this includes your face.  It is at this point where your skin is highly susceptible to the influx of foreign toxins and environmental impurities. The result of this can be the up-rise of imperfections, including blackheads, spots and blemishes. The best way to tackle such a problem is with two products:

A good quality cleanser and toner for men will assist in the removal of foreign debris from the skin, leaving a masculine, refined and fresh complexion to compliment your hard gym efforts.  Secondly, a BB cream for men harnesses expert makeup for men properties without being ‘mens makeup’ as such. Whilst offering superb camouflaging benefits and boosting your skins complexion, a good BB cream for men works tirelessly behind the scenes to remove before mentioned impurities and toxins, vitally important during gym sessions.

On the Beach - Above all, us gents need to feel and be comfortable.  The last thing a man’s man needs is to be sitting on the beach with an unnecessary amount of makeup for men and skin care product on.  It can get very messy!  The heat, the sweat and the stickiness isn’t going to make the ladies come flocking.  Not even to mention the importance of protection against the damaging effects of the sun.  However, two products can change all that:

Firstly, a men’s tinted moisturiser is a lightweight moisturising formula which nourishes, soothes and softens the skin upon application making it perfect before a day at the beach.  Whilst offering great moisturisation, the tint they contain is suitable for gentlemen with minor skin imperfections such as blackheads and blemishes.  They cover expertly and comfortably, meaning you can enjoy your time with complete confidence in your invigoratingly fresh masculine complexion.  

The second product to tuck away in your beach bag contains all the components of tinted moisturisers for men but also has sun care benefits, such a product is also a mens BB cream.  As mentioned before, their versatility and all round care components make these a real winner in the makeup for men and skin care stakes.

The Gentlemen’s Holiday - Whether you’re on a golfing holiday with the boys, enjoying a relaxing break with the lady or undertaking a few quiet and sensible beverages on one of Europe’s party islands, every man wants to look his best.  Similar to the beach scenario, too much makeup is quite literally, too much.  Less is more in this instance and with the constant environmental changes your skin is placed upon in any of these scenarios, it’s vital to stay on top.  Sea water, foreign water, hot days, cool evenings and high UV exposure can take it’s toll.  

Here at Makeup For Men UK we recommend including the following male cosmetic products on your pre holiday shopping list, ensuring you’re not caught out in the cosmetic cold during your week or two of elemental exposure. Firstly, a good quality moisturiser for men is vital.  An expert men’s moisturiser will repair, soothe and nourish damaged skin cells throughout your day, ensuring a refreshed, healthy and most importantly undamaged complexion as the day’s activities turn into the evening’s antics.  Apply twice to three times per day for quick and easy skin refreshment.  Should you wish to take the extra step and explore the scope of makeup for men, we would also recommend such a moisturiser to provide the first line of defence against damaging external factors.

Should you wish to use makeup products such as foundations, concealers and bronzers for men, fear not, because with a high quality men’s skin primer or makeup for men base, you can protect the skin, building the second line of defence, nourishment and vitality before applying these forms of makeup for men.  Remember gents, keep it to a minimum, allow your skin to breath and let the quality of such men’s makeup to do the talking.  

After using such makeup for men products be sure to use a good quality makeup for men remover.  Your complexion is in the hands of such a men’s makeup remover. allowing your skin to naturally rejuvenate and not to become clogged during relaxation time.

So gents, there you have it.  Stay tuned for the next instalment of the summer makeup for men series.  For now, stay protected, take on board high quality makeup for men products and remember to have a good time - it won’t be long before the winter care series is launched but we bet, for once, you can wait.