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  1. How To Look Younger In My 40's?

    How To Look Younger In My 40's?
    Hi - I am almost 42, male Caucasian and have pretty good skin (he says, modestly). I exfoliate often and moisturise daily - however I've noticed recent signs of ageing on my nose, (and other small not too noticeable areas of skin), either blemish spots, small red veins and just a general 'hey you're getting old!' look. I've never worn make...
  2. How to Cover Up Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Makeup for Men

    It is a simple certainty that we all have to come to terms with gents, aging!  Defined wrinkles on the forehead, fine lines exiting the outer eye area in the form of a crows foot and general facial drooping, to name just a few features associated with this inevitable consequence of living the good life.  However, thanks to MMUK MAN...

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