I remember the first day I met my boyfriend, like it was yesterday (and no, it wasn't yesterday). It was just a standard first date environment, until we got onto talking about our interests and realised how much we actually had in common. One interest we shared, to my surprise, was make up. I had never really thought about men having an interest in makeup, I had no reason to.

Men wearing makeup is swiftly becoming more accepted in society, however it isn't quite mainstream just yet, so I hear. The confusion and unacceptance of men’s make up all stems from one thing in my eyes; gender roles. The fact that my boyfriend wears make up doesn't make him a drag queen or a carnival clown, just like if a woman feels more confident without make up, does that make her a bloke? Nope, didn't think so! Men can feel self conscious too, nobody NEEDS make up, but if it makes you feel good, then why not?

I have put together 10 reasons as to why I love the fact my boyfriend wears make up...

CONFIDENCE. I don't feel my boyfriend needs to wear makeup, and neither does he... but if it makes him feel more confident and attractive then I'm all for it. All men get discolorations and scars they want to cover up, or even as small as a pimple, so why shouldn't he wear Concealer ? I encourage him to enhance what he has, and if that means splashing on a bit of Liquid Foundation, or dabbing on a spot of concealer then so be it!

THE EFFORT. I love that my boyfriend makes that extra bit of effort for date nights. If the girls are spending a bit of time perfecting their contour to look good for their man, then the guy should be able to do the same for his woman. Whether it be a bit of beard filler in the gaps awaiting growth, or just a bit of BB cream to bring out that extra glow he has.. Effort is attractive.

IT’S HIS CHOICE. I have never told my boyfriend he needs to wear makeup, nor that I particularly want him to. Wearing a bit of make up here and there is completely his choice because it makes him feel good, and I like that. A man wearing makeup isn't anti-masculine, and masculinity is not defined by something on a guy’s face. Unfortunately, that's what a lot of people don't seem to realize just yet, and the fact that he can openly buy and apply, to me is awesome!

HE LOOKS AFTER HIMSELF. The fact that he can find the time in the day to apply a bit of foundation to even out his skin tone or apply a bit of bronzing lotion, for a stronger impression of health and symmetry, shows me that he is looking after himself by dealing with his insecurities. It's almost like ironing a shirt, it's not essential, but at least it’s showing people you've got your act together.

HE LOOKS GOOD. I think my boyfriend looks great with make up on, and I tell him all the time. Make up doesn't need to be gender specific, and people are finally starting to realize that. This has nothing to do with a man trying to look like a woman, it's about men wearing make up for similar reasons to women, and that's to make themselves look and feel good.

IT’S FUN. I can go shopping with my boyfriend and I love that. He can help to match my colours and recommend products for me... I could even send him to the shop on his own and he'd be able to choose the correct products and colours for me, and that's something that comes in very handy! The smallest amount of makeup can draw attention to our best features, which is why I particularly like that my boyfriend can so simply bring out his eyes by touching up the dark circles with a bit of concealer, and still look so natural. Applying makeup is a form of art, and I love that we can enjoy that together.

IT MAKES HIM, HIM. If my boyfriend didn't wear makeup, or didn't really care about his appearance and didn't attempt to make an effort every now and then, then he wouldn't be the person that he is and although I love him for a million other reasons, the makeup and beauty regime is still a big part of what makes my boyfriend, my boyfriend!

HE EXPERIMENTS. My boyfriend isn't afraid to experiment with new products, and no I'm not talking bright red lipstick or thick black mascara, I'm talking different types of bronzing powders, or liquid and cream foundations to find what suits his skin best, and to decide which looks more natural and subtle for his particular skin.

IT’S NOT AN EVERYDAY THING. When my boyfriend wears make up, it's usually to cover a spot, to even out his skin, or just to make the effort when we go out. Make up isn't a massive priority in his life, it's just something he enjoys. He likes to look good for me and for everyone else, he enjoys making efforts for particular occasions, and sometimes that does mean applying a bit of St. Tropez before a night out.

I LOVE HIM WITH OR WITHOUT IT. Number 10 speaks for itself. If he wants to continue wearing make up every now and then, I will continue to support and encourage him.

So there we have it, 10 of the reasons as to why my boyfriend wearing make up is awesome. Would you let your boyfriend wear makeup?