When you are abroad, you do not want a face full of makeup, no matter how undetectable it is - that is just a fact! However, you still want the coverage, particularly if you are struggling with common imperfections like blemishes, scars and spots. So, how do you win?

In this weeks cosmetics for men blog, allow us to point you in the direction of a few products that can help you achieve the look you crave, without being weighted down by the usual products you might apply back home. Furthermore, it is important to remember that whilst soaking up the sun, you do not want to lose any time whatsoever in the bathroom, so MMUK MAN have developed a quick fire way of getting it just right in half the time.

An absolute must whilst you are away is sun protection. For this, we recommend using a mens moisturiser that contains an SPF level of protection ranging from 15 to 50, depending on your skin’s sensitivity to sun exposure. Recipe For Men’s SPF15 Facial Moisturiser and Polaar Men’s UV Moisturiser are both very worthy stand ins and more importantly, will leave your skin greasy or shiny.

As an alternative option, you should certainly look at the use of a BB cream for men that contains an SPF. BRTC have a selection of SPF BB Creams, as well as the hugely popular Urban Soul BB cream for male holiday makers. The benefit in using a BB cream, specifically designed for mens skin is that one of these all in one cosmetic products offer protection, coverage and repairing properties with just a quick application.

So, after you have chosen your bathroom weapon of choice, combine it with one of MMUK MAN’s concealers. By far the most lightweight and waterproof across our entire range, dip in and out of the pool and sea with complete confidence in MMUK MAN guaranteeing your cover is not blown.

Apply one of our concealer for men products sparingly to areas of your face that you feel may need a little touch up and with their expert blending power, will work really well with an SPF Moisturiser or BB Cream. Perfect for disguising any hints of redness also, the perfect preparation before a night out on holiday comes courtesy of the makeup for men experts.

Remember also to keep your lips fully hydrated with the use of a lip balm for men, as well as an appropriate sun cream for the rest of your body to maintain your skins health and vitality. Build a great tan whilst away and remember to adequately look after your skin whilst having some much needed fun in the sun. An aftersun lotion is also a great option to apply in the evenings, restoring your skin with moisture and nutrients lost throughout your day.