Men Wearing Makeup ... Really?

It’s something that’s new to us all, a new fascination and fixture in more and more mens toiletry bags as weeks go by.  Alongside your typical ‘male’ cosmetics such as hair gel, deodorant and mouthwash you’ll find hiding; foundationguy liner and manscara

But is it really hiding? ... We beg to differ.

No longer is it women desperate to look the part with makeup because more and more men are playing the part of the alpha male these days who don’t shy away from a touch up here and there.  A spot of cleansing and toning and maybe even some guy lashes.

We have identified a shift in the pressures on modern day men to look their best; a shift that is ever gathering pace and a phenomenon which you wouldn’t have thought of ten years ago.  Stigma’s towards men and makeup are evolving and becoming increasingly acceptable; so it’s time to ring the changes, remove the doubt and look your best with these male specific cosmetics which can also include foundation and brow gel. 

‘We’re currently in the second of three dramatic changes in the world of male cosmetics’ says one industry expert.  ‘Basic cosmetics such as moisturisers, under-eye care and hair gels have evolved from fundamental grooming.  Makeup such as foundations and concealers’ typify the second frontier advancing into eye makeup such as manscara, guy liner and brow gel.  The final stage, which is currently at it’s birth is male cosmetic surgery, with more and more men popping in for a nip and tuck as a norm’

Now for some facts which will take you far beyond the realms of what you currently perceive mens makeup and grooming can do for you.  91% of men in Britain believe that their attention to male grooming can have direct impacts on their careers and related professional success. 

One third of British men are now hitting saunas and spas to indulge in an ultimate male grooming experience compared with just 14% in 2008.  Heavily linked is a survey from a national chain of cosmetic spas which suggest that grooming products, makeup for men and male toiletries are men out there’s second most desirable gift for valentine’s day ... I don’t think we need to mention the first now do we?

A massive 74% of men use articles, blogs and printed media as their reference to where to go next with their grooming and makeup application routines.  So if you think you’re alone in reading this very article, it’s time to think again.

And last but not least a staggering 93% of men relate their facial appearance to the laws of attraction and believe that their ‘look’ has a direct impact on their confidence and their ability to attract potential partners.  This overcame confidence and personality traits in men beliefs on factors affecting their attractiveness.

So it’s not surprising that brands such as Clarins, Clinique and Calvin Klein have set up their stall in the male market.  And we are very privileged to bring you the best of them.  Walk into your local cosmetic shop and you’ll be hard pressed to find male specific areas when it comes to makeup, a lot of guys out there sometimes shy away to purchasing face to face, which at this stage is understandable; but this awkwardness and unparalleled experience will not last forever.