MMUK MAN has already stormed the cosmetic industry with their patented coverup technology. Providing men an option to always look their absolute best without the risk of looking too painted. You’ll find hundreds of reviews already on their website about the many different men who’ve already tried the brand for themselves. We’ve put together below the ‘top 5’ best reviewed cosmetic products from the MMUK MAN line, to give you an insightful glance at what is available and why all these guys are raving about it.


This precision applicating concealer stick targets those unwanted blemishes leaving a velvety texture to the skin. It is quick, effective and easy to use to mask any type of skin imperfections that can pop up day-to-day. It comes in a lightweight cream to powder form that provides the perfect camouflage against your skin. It is a high-performance tool to use with a luxury formula to match. You’ll find it helps mask the appearances of skin imperfections such as: moles, pigment damages, fine lines, sunspots, redness, scars, blemishes, dark bags, spots, freckles, dark patches, blackheads and large pores. Truth be told it does the most of them and the formula helps with a select few imperfections by working to banish them permanently. It holds a powerful vitamin enriched science to promote healthier skin. The formula behind this miracle worker is extremely pro-active, so you’ll find that less is actually more when it comes to applying to your skin. With a swift application you are always good to go, whether you are at home or out of the house. It has a strength that is both weightless on the skin and provides day long coverage. Applying the velvety concealer to the skin is simple, just screw the tip of the concealer from the tube and directly wipe or dab on an area you wish to conceal, blend in using your finger tip or professional makeup brush by MMUK MAN. Allow the cream to melt into the skins surface and leave you with more confident looking skin you can be happier with.


Simple, masculine and effect is this pump action vial of liquid foundation for men. The perfect option to use when creating the base for your makeup to layer upon. MMUK MAN have created this luxury formula to work effortlessly with your skin. It comes in a variety of shades (currently 10) to allow everyone the option to enjoy this wonderful product. It provides you with day long wear that can give you either a lightweight or medium coverage that is both flawless and masculine. The consistency against the skin from this premium formula means that is won’t leave any shine or caking on the skin. It’s a streak-free option to build up upon if you are after more comfortable skin. Its untraceable formula is 50% more durable than other men’s foundations that are on the market. So, this option should be one worth investing into. The science behind the formula not only gives you this perfect canvas to build upon but leaves great benefits from use to your skin. It helps to conceal a large array of skin imperfections whilst nourishing the skin it is layered upon. With a list of organic and purest ingredients inside its solution, you’ll find your skin reacts well to this product after daily use. It leaves your skin in optimal condition with a patented science that won’t leave your skin clogged and congested. With a smooth coverage each time using either your fingers or blending/foundation tool. You can be sure you’ve got camera ready skin and versatile options to build upon.


This 5 in 1 formula is a marvellous option to include into your regime. It provides you with a beautiful complexion to boost anyone’s confidence for the day/evening. It is a powerhouse that has been actively selected with its ingredients and science to provide you with amazing results, whilst looking after your skin. MMUK MAN have chosen to use only the best when it comes to their products, to ensure every guy can look his best without compromising his masculinity or his skin’s health. This BB cream for men can be used daily without the worry of skin congestion to promote healthier skin. The 5 in 1 formula contains a huge array of benefits to give you the best outcome whilst looking after you throughout the day. It firstly helps in camouflaging skin imperfections and impurities, spots, pigmentation, broken capillaries, moles and so on to give you an illusion of great clear skin that is still masculine. This multifunctional formula contains whitening molecules which actively work to re-pump the skin. They target the areas where fine lines and wrinkles appear. It contains brightening enzymes to provide a radiant and mattified glow to your skin. The molecules which are in the form of millions refract natural light to minimise appearances of damaged skin on the surface of your face. With an inbuilt tint, you can enjoy a complexion that is healthier and furthermore, hydrated with added hydration and moisturising elements. It leaves your skins surface improved and healthier. The sebum controlling aspect works to absorb oils that are found on the skins surface to leave you with an anti-shine finish. Lastly the age defence property in this BB CREAM protects the penetration from impurities, toxins and environmental debris from entering your skin. This allows you to look more youthful for longer and its firming property upholds your skins elastic nature for over tonnage. You’ll be amazed at how pro-active this BB CREAM is to your skin and why it deserves a place in your morning routine. Tackle the day ahead and allow the formula to assist you throughout it.


It is a normal occurrence in many men that the thinning of hair can happen at any stage. It is probably one of the top worries that modern men are concerned with in this contemporary world. But we are welcome to so many options, temporary or permanent that can allow us to shake off any self-confidence issues we may be facing. MMUK MAN have created this luxury corrector which can be used for the hair on your face as a cost-effective temporary fix. Brows and beards fellas! Patchiness, thinning and hair loss are normal problems, but this weightless filler can provide a camouflaging blanket to give the illusion of more volume and even texturing throughout your hair. Super easy to use and a huge game changer this product can define your facial hair with a few touch-ups here and there. No-one will be wiser as your untraceable coverage gives you the confidence boost you need. For a professional finish, use a BEARD FILLER BRUSH by MMUK MAN to deliver perfection and the correct amount of product to the face. It’s a long-lasting formula with a powerful colour blending property to work with your natural hair colour. You’ll be left with a satisfied coverage that enhances your hair naturally. Simply swipe a BEARD FILLER BRUSH over the pot and press the brush into your problem area to correct it.


Luxury and compact. MMUK MAN have created this brilliant bronzer to leave your contour lines bronzed for the gods for a natural sun-kissed finish. It has been developed to provide a masculine finish, with ground-breaking results. Natural and effective this formula uses an ultra-fine powder which is more refined. The result is it set deeper within your skins to give you a finish that is definitive and more realistic. It uses a retexturing element to provide a professional and clean finish to the skin. It comes in a variety of shades which leave you achieving a more tanned and toned look. By applying this bronzer which comes in a masculine black compact case + mirror in natural lighting, you will get the best result. It’s simply to apply to highlight features of your face to give the illusion of a radiant sun-kissed glow. Use a special BRONZING BRUSH by MMUK MAN to achieve this perfect and natural finish. The formula contains a patented formula to work with your skin and by using less, you will achieve more from the outcome. It is a subtle product that can add such depth to the face without imposing on your masculine exterior. The bronzer adds a gentle hint of colour to the skin to warm it as if it has naturally been touched by the sun. It is a great piece of kit to add into your routine that will guarantee anyone to compliment on your ‘post-holiday glow’.