Being stripped for Marbs and getting all dolled up for big nights out, may just be an ordinary way of life for the cast of ITV2’s hit show ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’  But, it seems as more and more men are idolising the show’s main male stars such as Mark Wright and Joey Essex; bronze is trumping brawn as gentlemen all over Britain are desperate to get in on the action.

With the show’s male stars showcasing subtle, masculine and professional makeup for men by brands such as Calvin Klein and our very own mmuk man, we decided to find out exactly why men are striving so hard to get a finish that’s dubbed ‘the TOWIE look’

Here to help us today is expert male psychologist Dr Anthony Newport 

So Dr Newport, just why are men all over England desperate to get their hands on makeup for men?

Well, the first stimulant and perhaps the most important is the initial improvement experienced by wearing makeup for men.  By seeing before your very eyes a fresher complexion with the help of foundation, concealers and tinted moisturisers all specifically for men, the body releases endorphins to the brain, which draws a positive link to happiness and most of all confidence specifically in men.

The second effect in the up rise of the popularity of men’s makeup is directly drawn upon in the show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’; along with handsome men come very beautiful ladies.  Since the start of man time, men have been trying to attract women in a variety of forms.  Makeup for men, I believe, is just the next step of modern man’s evolution.  By wearing mens makeup, you feel good and most importantly for this concept, you look good, which in turn attracts ladies.

If the main stars are coveted with beautiful ladies then why can’t you?  And this is what more and more of the shows male viewers are coming to realise.  Does the fact that ‘Mark Wright’ wears makeup put the ladies off?  Certainly not, in fact, quite the opposite. 

Finally, you cannot forget about the lifestyle the show portrays.  Fast Cars, flash houses and designer suits.  More and more men are craving this in modern day Britain and why shouldn’t they?  Directly linked to this kind of lifestyle is career success.  A main driving force behind men’s wishes to use makeup is to look good and feel more confident, which studies have shown can be a mechanical driving force behind the progression of ones career.  All three are systematic, proven motives for a man wishing to use makeup products such as guyliner, bronzer and men’s foundation. 

So, it appears as though the TOWIE look could be a lot closer to your front door than you might have first thought.  Buffed, concealed and bronzed are becoming measures that more and more modern day men are benchmarking themselves against. 

With the TOWIE look opening up the world of male cosmetics, all that’s left is for you to ask the question: Are you ready to do it ‘The Wright Way’?