This week, MMUK MAN celebrate the launch of our brand new skin care collection. Containing fifteen excellent quality grooming game changers, it’s safe to say that we are extremely excited for what the collection has in store in the future. From face washes to scrubs, specialist acne treatments and a collection of daily moisturizers for every skin type, our carefully assembled collection of warriors are sure to make their mark.

Today, we’ll be running the rule over three of our early favorites, in a bid to shed some light on how MMUK MAN can completely transform your skin. Containing superior ingredients, our mineral and botanical based skin care line has been chosen to bring the simplicity back to your daily routine, with effective products that can be introduced, to target specific skin problems.

Up first, it’s the turn of MMUK MAN’s Anti-Ageing Moisturiser to step forward. A powerful age reverser that contains regenerating peptides, roll back the years in style with this lightweight and fast absorbing cream. Packaged expertly and featuring an optimal dose of Avocado, when it’s time to put the bling back into your skin, we promise to do it like no other. By firming, lifting and tightening underperforming and prematurely ageing skin, this non greasy moisturiser really does sort the men from the boys.

Next, our Anti-Acne Mud Mask is an absolute must have if you are continually battling spots, blemishes and general break outs. Built with marine extracts, this deeply cleansing mud is an intensive twenty minute treatment that strips your skin of spot causing toxins, excess sebum and other debris that cause the onset of blemishes. A powerful mineral mud mask for men that quite literally hits the spot!

And Finally! MMUK MAN’s Active Eye Cream is an essential product for tackling dark circles, eye bags and crow’s feet. A powerful botanical cream that delicately cares for your very delicate under eye area, look younger and healthier with twice daily application of this intensive treatment. Active is a product we are particularly excited about, as the popularity of this has continued to simmer since its launch in 2015. This product proved to be the catalyst for the rest of the collection to be launched and it has already received some marvelous reviews.