You don’t have to be a beauty expert, makeup artist or lad mag worshipper to be aware of the explosion of mens tinted moisturisers.  However, if you do happen to to browse such magazines as Men’s Health and FHM, it wouldn’t take you long to stumble across a glossy advertising banner promoting tinted moisturisers for men in all their glory.  

Unfortunately gentlemen, as we know,; Advertising can very much blind fold you from the truth.  Therefore, today we’re going to shake down male tinted moisturisers and tear up the rule book by running a fine tooth comb over a mens makeup phenomenon only very recently exploding onto the male cosmetic scene.

Are they here to stay?  Do they mean business? and What do they do?  We’ll rune the rule over each of these questions and elaborate a little more in this exclusive makeup for men blog brought to you by Mens Makeup UK.  

The makeup for men scene is growing much faster than ‘experts’ had predicted based on official statistics by the Mens Beauty Association released in 2011.  At the forth front of this are male moisturisers, mens concealers and male foundation.  However, there’s a new kid on the cosmetic block, which encompasses the features of all three of these; namely, tined moisturisers for men.  Rewriting the male cosmetic rules and I believe, for the better; the benefits of using such a product, any man surely would be proud to have in his locker.

Male tinted moisturisers are you first step through the beauty riddled corridor of the makeup for men world.  Filled with flawless complexion after complexion and sheer masculinity, this corridor is one in which even the most machismo, die hard man is aspiring to walk through.

Described by mens skin care expert Ashton Hargreaves as ‘the perfect blend of comforting male skin care and cover up makeup for men.  Tinted moisturisers are one of the hottest products of the male cosmetic scene right now.’  Ashton goes on to say ‘Throughout all my years in this industry, I have never seen a product take off quite like tined moisturisers for men.  They encompass everything that a modern man strives for in his beauty and grooming regimes.  Simply, a must have!’  

Therefore gentlemen, it appears as though male tinted moisturisers very much mean business amongst urban society.  The modern man now has the ability, thanks to this makeup for men newcomer to cover mid to moderate imperfections within seconds of application.  Nor does he need to perfect his makeup for men application techniques, because applied in the same say you would a mens moisturiser; a stunning, fresh and masculine complexion is now just around the corner.

Make sports, blemishes, black heads and even dark circles a thing of your past.  Ensure a bright, fresh and imperfection free complexion is very much your present.  Enjoy the professionalism and luxury of Calvin Klein’s Tinted Moisturiser or the value of W7’s tinted moisturiser for men, courtesy of Mens Makeup UK and rewrite your very own cosmetic script.