Whilst I do quite a lot of men's makeup reviews for products that MMUK MAN sell, every now and then, to keep things fresh, I review products not available at our store, with completely honest feedback given. This past fortnight it's been the turn of Tom Ford's concealer stick for men to go under my very own microscope, to see if this big name brand is truly doing male makeup fans a true service with their 'high performance' formula.

Over the years, I've used a variety of concealer for men sticks with varying success. Stila Men's and W7's Tea Tree stick unfortunately massively failed to make the grade, as to what men need in their makeup. However, with the likes of MMUK MAN and 4VOO, I've seen and felt real success - so it really is a mixed pot guys, as far as I see it. But, which one did Tom Ford's concealer fall into? Let's find out...

On first impressions, I was quite pleased. the delicate packaging that Tom Ford have put together looks wonderful and really mirrors the obvious class that the brand has built up - but honestly, I'd expect nothing less. The stick itself is very sleek, similar to that of Polaar's Icy Magic Eye Roll on, for those gentlemen familiar with that. A nice clean cut metallic lipstick style compact and a nice twist style base for when it's finally time to apply the product. Now, for the important bit...

In terms of coverage, Tom Ford's concealer is definitely up there with the best. Like I said, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks or so now and throughout that course, blemishes, spots, scars and even shaving irritation has all been quenched by this products powerful coverage ability. It blends in very well too, with just a dab of the finger tip and even sore red spots (you know the ones!) that I’ve had crop up every now and then instantly get disguised.

Along with its camouflaging prowess, it's important to note that your coverage stays put for quite a way into your day. If you applied this product before work for example, I'd have complete confidence in your facial imperfections and blemishes being covered up all day without the product fading or becoming obvious to wear.

However, being frank. For what the product is, it's actually quite pricey - not that that's a bad thing for some gentlemen, but I wouldn't say that this has the same value packed into it as the same size MMUK MAN Concealer Stick or Evolution Man alternative, for example. Another slight issue I have is that it only comes in three shades. The blending power is good, but good enough to limit guys options to just light, medium or dark? I don't think so. Very pale skin tone types may try to make it simple with this technique, but in reality, cause more problem because the makeup tone would still be too dark.

Overall, a very good effort from Tom Ford. Would I buy it again? Yes, I probably would, but if I had another brand, I wouldn't get caught up in not having it in my wash bag, as egotistical as that may sound.