London to New York, Milan to L.A; there’s a new kind of man walking the streets; and that man is a ‘makeup man’.  Today we’ll be running a rule over the top 5 male imperfections for you to cast you cosmetic brush over and discover how best to banish them out of your lives once and for all.  We’re all in search of male perfection and it seems that more and more modern day men are turning to mens makeup for a little touch and help in hand.  Now it’s the turn of common male imperfections to get a dress down to ensure you have them banged to rights allowing a fresher and attractive complexion to come shining through.  

 5. Mens Moles 

Moles were voted the fifth most common male imperfection in a Mens Makeup UK recent survey and it’s no surprise more and more men are frantically clutching at makeup for men to make these a thing of their past.  Unfortunately, as we know, only in extreme circumstances can these be removed; but what they can be is concealed.  Concealers for men are great weapons to have on board if you wish to disguise them quickly and expertly.  Their harder exteriors in relation to spots unfortunately mean you may have to apply slightly more mens makeup to this area to cover them up but it’s certainly possible.  

Makeup Artist Tip: Stick Concealers are the best form of mens concealers and general mens makeup to cover up moles: due to their thicker texture and strong blending power needed to cover up moles alleviated edges.

4. Male Acne

Acne, it’s a male imperfection that every man fears.  It can be sole destroying, tiresome and can damage even the most outgoing male’s confidence.  Acne is a bacterial infection of the face and often thrives in younger skin, rebalance the power with some expert cleaning techniques including cleansing and toning to tackle the bare bones of the issue  Thankfully, the team at Mens Makeup UK have found the answer.  An expert blend of male cosmetics including foundation for men, male concealers and mens moisturisers; all designed to cover the unwanted appearance of acne.  Protect, conceal and reveal a flawless, timeless and flourishing complexion within minutes of application, with the aid of makeup for men.  There is no wonder more and more guys are clutching for male cosmetic brushes in a bid to enhance their skins’ performance and in no way is it ‘girly’ or ‘feminine’; it’s just a new kind of man. 

3. Facial Redness

Facial redness in men is certainly not uncommon; but why do men get it?  We believe it’s a combination between a man’s inability to handle change in the bathroom stakes - I can say that, as I used to be one of those guys - and a man’s social structure to be more worried about oiling the car and mowing the lawn as appose to looking after his skin.  Things are about to change gentlemen, because we’ve tried the latest lines from A to Z and tested every possible combination to give you the answers.  Welcome to the gentleman’s lab, tried and tested for ultimate manliness and machismo.  Firstly, get your shaving routine right.  Hot water to soften hair fragments, plenty of soothing after shave gel and good post moisturisation will get you there one way or another.  Secondly, get to know the best face wash for you.  Try and test for yourself a face wash, used twice daily to sooth, clean and clear impurities.  Once found, this will go a long way to reducing redness.  Finally, call upon the clean up crew; namely mens cleansers and toners to further intensify your skins’ recovery and battle against redness tactfully and effectively.

It may be so that using these techniques will only ‘reduce’ redness.  Now learn to ‘remove’ it’s appearance by the latest cosmetic making itself known out of the male cosmetic lab, namely mens makeup.   

First things first; don’t forget to moisturise.     Trial and find a hydrating and comforting mens moisturiser.  L’Oreal Men Expert and Nivea have some of the most world renowned products in this area of the male cosmetic arena.  Next; choose a high quality male skin primer, these protect, hydrate and provide a barrier against the loss of good oils from your skin.  Follow up by using a liquid based foundation for men; these soothe and nourish excellently and provide you with maximum moisturisation whilst avoiding irritation of your facial redness.  Finally complete you makeup for men application with a cream based concealer for men.  Creme concealers - to give them their official name - offer superb moisturisation, hydration and cover up facial redness in a man extremely well.  Use these to focus on specific areas of redness on your face and enjoy the concealing enzymes providing you with excellent coverage whilst boosting your confidence.    

2. Wrinkles 

Unavoidable, Incurable and irritating? ... Perhaps - not.  As much as we cannot prevent aging of our faces, what we can do is prolong youth and offset the appearance of aging with expert male anti-wrinkle creams and a select few male makeup cosmetics.   Typically cropping up like a petulant traffic warden when you least want them:  Mens wrinkles can be tackled and banished with a careful and expert male skin care regime designed to give you back the power in the bathroom and allow you to act nonchalant by the sudden arrival of wrinkles in the future.  

Regain the power with the following products available from Mens Makeup UK giving you some serious back up power in the bathroom stakes going forward; fighting against and covering up wrinkles.  L’Oreal Men Expert have in their anti-wrinkle armor three products perfect for fighting our second most common male imperfection.  ‘Instant Action Eye Cream’  to sooth and revitalize the under eye area of your face.  ‘Hydra Roll On’ is again an under eye specialist designed to strengthen, tighten and refreshen male contour areas giving you an instant youthful look by removing the appearance of dark circles.  Finally, a Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturiser’ provides a catalyst to youthful and healthier looking skin within 14 day of use; fighting against male wrinkles.

In a recent study of ordinary British males when asked about makeup, cosmetics and specifically anti-wrinkle treatments for men:  94% of respondents said they had used some form of anti-wrinkle creams for their eyes.  52% of men confirmed they ‘regularly use’ mens anti wrinkle creams for their all round appearance.  Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, 31% of males resided with using makeup for men to cover up wrinkles (with a 74:26 split in favor of mens concealer over foundation for men).  So, there you have it fellas, if these problems sound familiar, cures sound desirable and stats offer reassurance, why wait?  Rework your bathroom routines; replenish your skin and revive your confidence with expert mens anti-wrinkle and makeup for men brought to you by Mens Makeup UK. 

1.  Spots and Blemishes 

Welcome spots and blemishes to the mens makeup arena, our number 1 voted male imperfection in early 2012.  Five combative ways to most effectively tackle them are coming up, ensuring they very much remain on the male imperfection sidelines.  But first, let’s get to the bottom of the spots and blemishes:  Typically thriving in oilier complexions, spots originate from infected pores and a build up of impurities within that particular pore.  Unsightly and sore, giving just two characteristics.  However, deep dirt and excessive toxins in your facial structure can be handled, controlled and removed.  We’ll learn the best techniques for this shortly, using a variety of mens skin care products, makeup for men and general male cosmetics to resolve a problem a staggering 74% of men experience.  

Blemishes are the aftermath.  Once the build up (i.e. spot) breaks down and disperses, the top layer of your skin contains excess sebum and dead skin cells, which your skin was unable to extract whilst your pore(s) were infected, giving the appearance of a blemish. 

Now gentlemen, let’s vanish them for good and clarify your complexion with a simple mixture of the below imperfection solvers for men.  Blemishes?... What blemishes? 

Cleanse and Tone - Cleansers and toners are the back up brigade, win the battle against blemishes with a good quality male cleanser and toner due designed to swiftly remove toxins, deep impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum from your face; relieving the pressure on your pores to dispose of these foreign bodies, leaving a cleaner complexion. 

Mens Tinted Moisturisers - The optimal combination of moisturisation and comfort with blemish coverage and masculinity resides with male tinted moisturisers.  Don’t deal with things you don’t have to guys and familiarise yourself with this mild form of makeup for men; guaranteeing excellent imperfection cover up as well as a soothing base designed to hydrate and refresh your face and skin.  Perfect for the concealment of minor-mid levels of many scattered male blemishes.

Mens Concealer - Our most popular preference amongst our male contingent are male concealers.  These are quick, easy and versatile tools to cover up problems expertly and ensuring a little touch up doesn’t risk your ‘man-status’.  Perfect for covering up minor-deep levels of blemishes scarcely scattered upon your face.

Foundation For Men - mens foundation is your one stop mens cosmetic product which will tackle minor-deep levels of male blemishes at maximum intensity on your face.  Apply a matte foundation for an ‘over-manly’ finish or a liquid foundation if your skin tends to be naturally dry.  Immediately and Intensely control your blemishes with a mens makeup tool more and more men are reverting to, to regain the upper hand in the grooming and appearance stakes.  

BB Creams - Blemish Balms may be a term one or two of you may be familiar with and has exploded onto the male cosmetic and makeup for men scene in recent months.  These male BB creams are designed to tackle all kinds of male blemishes, treat, conceal and banish them once and for all.  Voted ‘Best Makeup For Men Newcomer’ at the mmuk man award in January 2012: there’s no surprise that men are flocking to cosmetic counters and clicking away all over the world to get their hands on these high performance makeup for men products to make blemishes a thing of their past.  Perfect for all strengths and dispersions of male facial blemishes.  Expert at removing blemishes completely and covering up their appearance; 

‘An all round makeup for men masterpiece’ (Alex Dalley, Founder of Mens Makeup UK)

Gentlemen, it’s time to understand the problems, review the facts, and perfect the cures to the most commonly experienced imperfections endured by men across the UK and the world.  We’ll get there together, and make these unsightly, unruly and uninteresting male imperfections a thing of your past.  Makeup for men.  Isn’t it time you got on board?