Whether it is on stage, behind the camera, or even on the red carpet, actors are one of the biggest communities who continue to thrive with a little bit of man-slap.  From back in the day, through the 70’s where mens makeup wear exploded for this kind of viewing, right through to your modern day million dollar blockbusters, some of the simplest products continue to enhance the complexion and finesse of even the worlds biggest stars.


In this weeks mens cosmetic blog, we will be looking at some of the top products commonly used by actors and showing you how you can introduce them to your own grooming routine to bag yourself a champion look in 2015, whatever the occasion.


Firstly, we will start with foundation for men - the go to guy in recent years for actors.  Guys love this form of cosmetic because it can be applied quickly and simply (like you would a male moisturiser) and its instant enhancement never fails to deliver a great look and a resurgence in confidence.  Uneven skin, problem areas, or even general mild blemish complaints can all be disguised with the use of a good quality foundation and what is better gentlemen, they are so natural that no one needs to know you are wearing it.


Next, we turn our attention to beard filler.  It seems like every guy these days is growing a beard, some, more successful than others.  For the actors who struggle to achieve a thick and full beard, or with a small patchy area, it is very much beard filler to the rescue.  Whilst we cannot guarantee you a leading role in the latest Hollywood action blockbuster, we can turn your status into super hero with a little help from MMUK MAN and our world renowned beard corrector.


Sometimes overlooked by men, but making one of the biggest impacts if they are groomed right are the eyebrows.  No one wants bushy and unruly brows to mess up their look, least not actors.  To help combat this growing trouble is a good quality brow gel for men.  Coming in numerous shades to best suit your brow colour, such a product brings a little perfection and conformity to this area and really upgrades your other cosmetic products, simply by bringing everything in together nicely.  Actors with naturally bushier brows often use these as a centre piece, however, it is very difficult to do right.  For a little bit of perfection, turn your attention to a gel and have lift off in your day to day grooming lives.


We then draw our attention to perhaps the single most popular mens makeup product out there at the moment, concealer for men.  We all know how a random spot or lingering blemish can kill your confidence before a big event or night out with the boys.  Well guys, it is the same for actors.  To look great for castings in particular, before they go into fully fledged movie makeup, a concealer stick for men can provide much needed cover up in their hour of most need.  The same can be said for you too.  Do not let your confidence suffer from a pimple, mole or problem area of skin that remains quite defined.  Take immediate action and use MMUK MANs Concealer Stick For Men for quick and effective enhancement.


Finally, we adopt the same principles of concealer for men, but this time focus on the under eye area.  Dark circles, eye bags and general puffiness can all play havoc behind the camera, as stage lighting tends to hollow them out and make them appear worse.  Unless it is a look that you are going for, they can be quickly rectified with the use of an under eye concealer for men.  Generally thinner and more liquid based, for the very thin layer of skin under the eye, such a concealer does a fantastic job at removal of such a common skin problem suffered by men.


So guys, whilst MMUK MAN cannot promise the red carpet and the paparazzi, we can bag you an A-List look any time of the day or night in your hour of most need.  Should you require any further advice on colour options or which of these products might be best suited to you, please feel free to get in touch with the team and we will do all we can to help.