Although there remains a slight taboo around men wearing makeup, the popularity of this area of male beauty has continued to explode over recent years. From just a little touch up with concealer or anti-shine powder, to full coverage looks achieved with the use of the likes of foundation and BB cream, it appears as though more men than ever before are learning to dabble in the world of cosmetics. The continuing break down of social barriers towards men taking care of their appearance in this way has been further helped by a great reaction from celebrities, lifestyle bloggers and vloggers, keen to grab makeup by the scruff of the neck and thrust it at the male mainstream. We encourage you to wear whatever products you feel comfortable with, but what do guys really think about men and makeup?

To give us a better picture, we’ve asked for the opinions and thoughts of several bloggers and vloggers from within the men’s lifestyle and beauty business, as well as asked some of the guys in the office here exactly what they think about men wearing makeup. Keen to find out what the popular opinion was? Let’s find out.

‘A few years ago I definitely wouldn’t entertain the idea of wearing makeup and would think it was simply for women. However, as the years have gone on and borrowing the odd product from my girlfriend along the way, I’m much more open to it now. I tend to get the odd blemish come up and if a smidgen of concealer makes them undetectable, then what’s wrong with that?’ – Jonny Berry, Esquire

‘I regularly appear on TV and under the constant glare of HD cameras, my skin simply has to look fresh and healthy. To achieve that, I tend to apply a BB Cream, anti-shine powder and clear mascara, which all tend to do the trick. Men wearing makeup on TV is absolutely nothing new, we’ve been wearing it for years and it’s fantastic that it’s coming into the mainstream. I even wear my products if I’m out and about and it gives me a nice boost in confidence.’ – Richard Jones

’I recently went through a divorce and needed to start feeling better about myself in every possible way. I started going to the gym and eating healthier, before accidently running into the world of men’s grooming. I brought several anti-ageing creams, but they didn’t give me the immediate results I was after, which is when I turned to men’s makeup. It’s amazing what a little touch up under my eyes can do, including hiding my dark circles and it gives me such a big boost in confidence. If you’d have asked me 18 months ago what I thought of men wearing makeup, I’d have said it was for younger guys not frightened of taking risks, but I’m living proof that older men can take just as much care of their appearance.’ – James Mayhew

’I have to stay ahead of the game in my line of business. I’m a lifestyle blogger and regularly stay on top of social media, which is crucial for building exposure. Making sure my complexion is on point is critical. If men want to wear makeup then they absolutely should and there should be no social pressures against it. I wear the occasional bit of makeup and am completely happy to.’ - The Everyday Man

‘I think the word makeup scares a lot of men, but when you actually break it down and see what products are on offer, you can see that not all makeup has been designed for women. I’m all for bold and masculine branding and there’s definitely nothing wrong with wearing products to look younger and healthier. If guys want to enhance their features too, with the likes of eyeliner, then why not?’ – Jake Jamie Ward