I am interested in purchasing the MMUK Man BB Cream, but unsure of which shade I should purchase.. I am a Korean male with a fair complexion.. I have attached a photo for you to help me choose! Also, if you have any great moisturizer and skin care products, specially anti wrinkle, eye gel, eyeliner, brows for men that you could suggest, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good morning Ben, I hope you are well. Thank you very much for your e-mail. I can confirm that the correct shade in our BB cream for you is N5 light. This BB cream also has anti-aging benefits too, so it will work in well with your skin care goals.

When it comes to some suggestions for some products that you have mention, i'm delighted to be able to help. First off, for a good anti-wrinkle moisturiser, which you can use prior to BB cream and again at night, our Anti-Age Moisturiser is up there with the best. It's packed with collagen too to help to not only prevent the ageing process but reverse the signs of ageing.

As far as Eye products go, our Active Eye Cream is an intense de-puffer and dark circle fighter. this lightweight under eye cream contains active botanicals too to fight the appearance of fine lines and crows feet and is very popular for guys looking to get ahead of the ageing game.

My suggested eyeliner and brow product duo include MMUK MAN's eyeliner for men and Brow Fixx Gel. The eyeliner does a great job at framing the eyes in a subtle and discreet way, whilst our brow gel does a lovely job at controlling and conforming unruly and patchy brows.

Our Brow Shadow is also well worth a look at, if you suffer with patchy eye brows from time to time. Thinning eyebrows are a sign of ageing too, so this may well work nicely.

If you need any more tips, I'm always here both before and after your purchase. Have a lovely day. Jonny.