Hi lucy thank you for your reply, i would love a little advice if you don’t mind. I’m only just realising that “mens make up” is a thing, I’ve been using a Max Factor or Rimell liquid foundation but have always felt self conscious that someone is noticing that i’m wearing it.

I wouldn’t say my skin is terrible, just the fact that it looks a little red, blotchy and have a few blemishes from when i had acne as a teenager, so i’ve never wanted to get a foundation to flat out cover it but just to ease the colour of my skin.

I have an oily complexion on my face so using my previous liquid foundation normally ends up with me having a more greasy face, i started using a primer and setting spray to see if it would give a more natural look which i guess does to a certain extent.

I was looking at your “MMUK MAN Mineral Matte Foundation-luxury pressed male foundation”, is this more of a subtle look? Would you use a primer and anti-shine powder with this too? i was hoping to get away from the liquid foundation and use something that looks like a second skin but would really appreciate your expert opinion. Kind regards, Phil.

Hello there Phil, Thank you so much for getting back to me. It's strange, because as you were describing what type of skin you have and the things that you are trying to cover up in a natural and matte way, I was already thinking of the Mineral Matte Foundation. This is a pressed foundation with medium coverage, but when applied lightly, it won't cake your face up and look in any way glowy. With all makeup products, I'd recommend applying a primer, just because they're so good at locking in moisture and will ensure your powder coverage doesn't crack or slip throughout the day, which can make your face look feminine and noticeable.

As your face can tend to get red and go blotchy, which is very common for guys who have previously suffered with acne as a teenager, i'd definitely recommend combining the Skin Primer with the Mineral Matte Foundation in a 1-2 step to a healthy looking and subtle complexion.

The trouble with applying liquid foundation to complexions that are prone to oiliness and breakouts is that they often go glowy and shiny, especially as the day goes on, which is what you've been experiencing with your current products. In all honesty, if you were to use the MMUK MAN liquid foundation, something similar would happen - especially if you live a hectic and active lifestyle and are always on the go.

To combat your oily complexion, I'd suggest finishing your routine with our Anti-Shine Powder, which is an invisibly worn formula that can be blotted across your t-zone in particular - guaranteeing a shine free finish all day long. The beauty with this product too is that it will hold your foundation in place all day long too and you won't see any drop in performance.

After you apply your foundation, you'll notice and instant improvement in your skin's surface and tone, in a very natural way. If you have acne scars or the odd blemish tends to pop up, which is still quite common in men that have previously suffered with bad skin, you can dab a little of our Concealer Stick over them to completely cover them up. This would be your third step, before finishing your routine with the application of anti-shine powder with a Buffer Brush.

I really hope i've managed to explain everything okay and if there's anything else I can support you with i'd be more than happy to. Have a lovely evening. Lucy.