Over the past few years, the men’s grooming market has exploded, both in its popularity and in the number of products it has to offer. One core product that every old and new brand out there seem to focus on is moisturiser. I’ve just done a quick search online and across two sites, I can find over 50 men’s moisturisers from at least 30 different brands, so you’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused when shopping for this type of product. It’s also been well documented that the number of men choosing to wear makeup is also booming and as gentlemen begin to learn how to make the most out of cosmetic products, one very common question is which is the right moisturiser to use before applying makeup for men?

I’m delighted today to give you a brief overview of what are the most effective moisturisers out there to combine with makeup, depending of course on your skin type. Now, finding your skin type may seem quite challenging at first, especially as a bloke starting to take an interest in men’s grooming and makeup. However, the good news is gents, once you’ve determined what skin type you are, you can quickly match it up with an appropriate moisturiser and in turn, enhance the performance of your chosen male cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, bronzer and anti-shine. Every guy out there is different, but following the below characteristics of the various different skin types, you should quickly be able to pin point what traits your skin portray and just as quickly choose the perfect moisturiser to combine with makeup.

Normal Skin is not too oily, nor too dry. It has few imperfections (outside of skin conditions), nor does it suffer with sensitivity. The skin’s pores are barely visible and its complexion looks radiant. Combination Skin has dry or normal skin in some areas and oily skin in other areas, such as the t-zone. The pores of this skin type are slightly more visible and larger and the skin may sometimes look shiny with a higher chance of blackheads forming. Dry Skin has almost invisible pores with its complexion most of the time looking dull and rough. This skin type tends to be less elastic and can even have red patches. There are also more visible lines and the skin can sometimes crack, peal or become flaky throughout your day. Oily Skin Types typically have enlarged pores that are very visible and its appearance tends to look dull and shiny. Oily skin is much more prone to imperfections like pimples and blackheads. Finally, Sensitive Skin often has areas of redness and irritation, whilst burning and itchiness are also common symptoms. It may also be more prone to quick reactions, due to sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

Why is it important to wear moisturiser before applying men’s makeup? The main reason is for protection, not that superior cosmetic products are harmful to the skin, but applying pre-makeup moisturiser adequately hydrates your skin, leaves it smooth and fresh and creates a nice protective barrier between the skin and makeup throughout your day. Picture applying moisturiser as if an artist were creating the smoothest and silkiest of canvases, before painting a picture and you’ll soon get the idea. Rough and dehydrated skin doesn’t make for the easiest of makeup application and as most guys want their makeup products to remain unnoticeable all day, by not applying moisturiser, you’re really putting a lot of pressure on your products to do so. Furthermore, it’s important to choose the right type of moisturiser, to ensure your skin remains balanced all day long, rather than turning your face into a cakey oily mess or a dehydrated dessert.

For Oily Skin types, I highly recommend the use of MMUK MAN’s Morning After Rescue Gel, which is an oil-free face hydration gel, designed especially for this skin type and to tackle acne prone skin. This revitalizing formula leaves the skin matte and shine-free, prior to the application of foundation and concealer and will ensure your products won’t end up sliding down your face further into your day. If you believe your skin to portray they symptoms of Dry Skin, then MMUK MAN’s Intense Moisture For Dry Skin is an absolute must and has been built expertly to quench even the most thirsty of skin types prior to the application of men’s cosmetics. If you have Normal Skin, then it’s the turn of MMUK MAN’s Moisture Recharge Cream to regenerate and resurface your complexion before leading into makeup. As with all three of these men’s moisturisers, each can be used alone, or during the night to correctly revitalize your skin and do not always have to be combined with men’s makeup.

For Sensitive Skin types, MMUK MAN have that covered too with the hugely popular Intense Hyaluronic Moisturiser. Containing revolutionary calming Hyaluronic Acid, this incredibly soothing and caring face cream is lightweight enough to not bog the skin down, yet powerful enough to successfully navigate sensitive and irritated skin, regardless of external conditions. This men’s skin care supreme actively guards against redness and flare ups and has recently been cited for its excellence in the hugely popular MaleSkin blog. Finally, for guys with a Combination Skin formulation, allow me to point you in the direction of Billy Jealousy’s Combination Code Moisturiser, a hugely effective skin care treatment that balances out oily and normal areas of the face to give it conformity and protection.

If you are still unsure of what skin type you are then please feel free to get in touch via our contact form, where we will ask you some questions via e-mail, or over the phone (if you prefer) and from there, our experts will be able to identify your skin type and point you in the direction of what products are best suited for you. I hope I was able to answer the question of which moisturiser to use before applying men’s makeup and look forward to next time.