Of the various types of concealer for men products currently on the market, there's one or two that stand out from the rest. Along with concealer sticks, concealer pens are also very popular, as guys all over the world bid to bag themselves a champion complexion.

So, why use a concealer pen for men? Despite being a little bit more expensive in general, pens ensure minimal wasting, as just enough product is delivered to the brush tip, to cover up your required skin imperfection. Resulting in them lasting much longer than your average cover up, save money on the way to healthier looking skin. Aside from this, concealer pens also have click style bases, making it nice and easy for gentlemen who need a quick fix. With no brushes or sponges needed – they really are perfect for guys on the go!

It's also important to note that concealer pens deliver unrivalled accuracy when applying them to your face. Often applied under the eyes and over specific skin complaints, accuracy is of absolute importance, as concealer doesn't hold the same consistency of foundation for example and if applied incorrectly, may look too much. It is also well worth mentioning the blending ability of pens. Blur away your skin problems with an all in one style brush, which also makes sure you don't suffer with over application, something that will inhibit your concealer’s natural look all day long.

Our top three concealer pens, as voted for by you, are Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat, Calvin Klein's Endless Light Concealer and Myego's brand new Cover Select Concealer, all boasting fantastic formulas that can quickly and effectively bulk up your complexion. Buff up those confidence crippling skin complaints and make dark circles, blemishes and even fine lines a mere distant memory.