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Mens makeup, what a phenomenon. Ever growing, ever evolving and keeping men out there forever young. Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Leichner and w7 amongst others boast make-up for men in their product ranges which include guyliners’ manscara’s and foundation for men. Broaden your horizons and open your mind with our makeup designer brands immaculately packaged and expertly blended for every man out there.

With a highly regarded range of brands on offer here at, our variety meet the various makeup and skin care needs for all men across Britain. If moisturisation, anti-wrinkle and anti fatigue treatments are high on your agenda then Brands such as L’Oreal Men Expert, Nivea For Men and Clarins Men are the ones for you. Unique, durable and specialized in optimizing skin condition; we distribute brands which will have every man reaching for the bathroom cabinet day after day.

Our exclusive range of brands have been selected to build and grow trust with our customers. Supreme quality products combine with innovative market leading makeup for men to make your skin look recharged, invigorated and photo shoot ready with some luxury brands. To see our full range of brands click on the links below or in the above promo image.

If you require mens makeup our brands have more than their fare share to offer  Calvin Klein makeup for men connects other areas of this brand nicely into the male grooming department of your life.  If you've purchased the briefs and you've wore the cologne it's time to rip off the social bandaid and be proud of your masculinity and your wish to look as good as you can possibly can.  Saffron and Laval specialise predominantly in the eye area.  If you want strong and powerful looking eyes to captivate your audience then we reccomend this specialist brand.  For the sensitive skin kinda guy use Nivea cosmetics which were built with you in mind.

YSL make-up are world renound and do not need introducing meanwhile, Zafi and Clarins Men use hydra technology to provide great bases for makeup and will leave your smile lasting as long as these brands can.  Finally, mmuk man is our very own brand here at  A professional series of mens make-up which years of research have resulted in a brand and range of quality male specific skin care and make-up products.  Eye liner and mascara for men are coupled with foundation, face masks and concealers amongst others.