BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

BRTC Anti-Breakout BB Cream

Aqua Rush Moisturising Men’s BB Cream
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Most of us guys are prone to breakout’s every now and then. If we’re stressed, tired or we’ve done something as simple as eating badly for a few days, our skin is often the first to start faltering. With BRTC’s revolutionary Anti-Breakout BB Cream, you can take back the control from breakout prone skin and discreetly camouflage any lingering spots, blemishes or rough patches of skin in the process. Neatly named, Aqua Rush, this premium quality BB cream for men blasts the skin with long lasting moisture, nutrients and vitamins when applied, meaning it acts as a moisturiser, anti-blemish balm and concealer all in one. This product is a super charged adaptation of BRTC’s Blemish Recover Balm, which unfortunately has been discontinued. Designed for younger spot prone skin, or for men suffering with adult acne, quickly get to grips with a universal formula designed for every skin tone.

Offering medium to full coverage across your entire face, BRTC have removed the need to apply a separate concealer to cover up mild blemishes when using this BB cream. With coverage so natural and making your skin look healthy and revitalized, one quick morning application of this makeup without makeup product will leave you feeling on top form all day long. Long after removal, your skin will continue to show the positive signs of rejuvenated energy, whilst your remaining blemishes will be left desperately running for cover. With a long lasting formula that doesn’t slide over the skin, purify and clarify your skin with the ultimate in acne-breakout formulas. BRTC’s Aqua Rush BB Cream is extremely lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly, similarly to a normal daily moisturiser. Formulated for all skin types also, remove the fuss in getting your grooming game right and hydrate your troublesome skin in the process.

Size - 35ml

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